‘Something rich’: Hague doubts Yousaf

I’m not going to get into the matter of Humza Yousaf’s attendance or otherwise in the Pakistan Consulate but there’s evidence that he was here:


There are no records of the discussion but might that be because of the confidential and sensitive nature of the meeting to discuss the case of Mohammad Asghar, who was placed on death row in Pakistan for blasphemy?

Anyhow, I’m more interested in and entertained by the accuser.

Paedophilia? Imagine that headline in Scotland?

Apologies to some for taking TuS a bit tabloid with this.


6 thoughts on “‘Something rich’: Hague doubts Yousaf

  1. If you can’t beat ’em join ’em, as they say, so a bit tabloid is excusable John.
    The made up stories by the tabloids reveals the BritNat states’ desperation to attempt to instil fear, suspicion, and portray H. Yousaf FM as untrustworthy.
    I think we all know who the liars crooks and untrustworthy are installed and it’s the British nationalist parties, in London and the ones operating in Scotland.
    I saw something with Hague’s face on it on Youtube earlier and thought, crikey had forgotten he ever existed, that’s my day ruined! Who the heck does he think he is to judge any of the SNP anyway, let’s just hope people see this cr*p for what it is, propaganda.

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  2. For reference https://archive.ph/y1JYU
    Note the subtle rephrasing of Andrew Learmonth’s piece in the Herod from when you captured it as ” ‘Something’s amiss’ : Former foreign secretary questions Yousaf’s gay marriage excuse”
    “William Hague questions Humza Yousaf gay marriage vote excuse”.
    Presumably Andrew Loudmouth was reminded Hague was never Foreign Secretary, he wasn’t even a politician when Yousaf tried to help Mohammad Asghar – Hague by name vague by nature but Andrew Learmonth, sheesh…

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  3. This is the second time in as many weeks that this retread story about the meeting and the missed vote has been aired. The first time it was not Hague raising the doubts but, if I remember correctly it was the Herald that reported them.

    A non-story if ever there was one

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    1. But does Andrew get a bonus for breathing life into the prior dead donkey ?
      It’s 9 years since Indyref, so it stands to reason many of the 4 legged variety of half-dead donkeys have been inhumed..
      The 2 legged variety are still grazing in the Lords with only the accent of the fart distinguishing between them….


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