Europe Day – SNP spends £2 million to help EU citizens stay in Scotland – BBC staff say – ‘eh whit?’

From the Scottish Parliament today:

Continued funding announced on Europe Day.

More EU citizens will be supported to remain in Scotland, thanks to renewed funding for the Stay in Scotland campaign.

In partnership with the Citizens’ Rights Project, COSLA and Settled – an independent charity helping EU citizens to stay in the UK – over £200,000 will help vulnerable people apply to the EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS).

The Stay in Scotland campaign was launched in 2019 to help EU citizens understand and secure their rights through the uncertainties presented by Brexit.

Throughout the campaign, more than £2 million has been provided to community organisations to help people apply for settled status. Funding of £216,850 will be given for 2023-2024.

The Independent Monitoring Authority recently won its judicial review against the Home Office, with the court agreeing that EU citizens should not lose their rights if they fail to re-apply to the EUSS before the expiry of their pre-settled status.

BBC Scotland’s coverage of the news:

The press? Maybe, page 23?


4 thoughts on “Europe Day – SNP spends £2 million to help EU citizens stay in Scotland – BBC staff say – ‘eh whit?’

  1. Good, we need people in Scotland and many who will and do bring in essential skills. I wonder how much Scotland has lost in EU funding for social and community projects, and of course for essential research projects in universities etc, as a result of the BritNats dragging Scotland out of the EU. I suspect it’s a lot more than £2million.
    Scotland has lost so much monetarily and culturally purely because the country next door decided we should not be allowed to trade and do business, as well as exchange and share talents and skills with people from TWENTY SEVEN other countries. Get the heck away from rUk Scotland, because EngGov will do their utmost to keep wrecking Scotland, and we cannot allow the EngGov/cabal to make it impossible for us rejoin the EU should the people of Scotland choose to do so.

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  2. O/T In amongst all the stuff and nonsense associated with the coronation, this little thing caught my attention. It was on the web site of the ‘Big Help Out’ initiative –

    ‘Helping out across the Nations – People are joining the Big Help Out in every nation of the United Kingdom.’

    To see such an establishment organisation refer explicitly to a UK with multiple nations is a relatively rare occurrence! Then there is the (niggling) contrast with the promotion of another of the showpiece initiatives for the coronation. On 3 May the BBC published this online ‘First locations for BBC’s Coronation Concert ‘Lighting up the Nation’ revealed’.

    We learn that: ‘The Coronation Concert’s ‘Lighting up the Nation’ live sequence will see the country unite in celebration, as the United Kingdom comes to life like never before with projections, lasers, drone displays and illuminations.’

    ‘Catherine Catton, Head of Commissioning, Factual Entertainment & Events says: “The Lighting up the Nation sequence promises to be a truly spectacular part of the Coronation Concert. With stunning light shows illuminating some of our most iconic locations, alongside performances from James Nesbitt and Paloma Faith, this is going to be a very special moment for people all across the country to come together in celebration.”

    Of course, firstly, there is the obvious question: what did your part of THE ‘nation’ experience, did it ‘come to life like never before’: was it a ‘very special moment’ where you were?

    The event was produced by the BBC. Note how the public service broadcaster perpetuates the single, the unitary ‘nation’. This is the same organisation that has within its structure someone called ‘Director, Nations’ who sits on the BBC’s Executive Committee and whose job description includes this: ‘leads the BBC’s work serving nations and local audiences across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.’

    The current Director, Nations is Rhodri Talfan Davies. Prior to this post he was Director of BBC Wales, so he should know about distinctive ‘nations’ within the UK – and beyond just Rugby Union competitions!

    According to the BBC’s corporate website under senior staff profiles, the Director, Nations received a remuneration (as at July 2022) of between £260,000-£264,999 (as per Annual Report and Accounts disclosure). It’s time the Director, Nations sorted out the BBC’s confused communications or perhaps more correctly, got rid of the duplicity over what is a political issue. It’s time the BBC and its Director, Nations lived up to these self-aggrandising claims:

    ‘The BBC is the world’s leading public service broadcaster – We’re impartial and independent, and every day we create distinctive, world-class programmes and content which INFORM, EDUCATE and entertain millions of people in the UK and around the world.’ (my emphasis)

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  3. Yes the BBC in conjunction with the education departments and universities have educated the people of Scotland to actually believe that their country , Scotland , has no history it has educated them to believe that English history should be called “ history “ and for Scotland and Wales it should be “ British history” .
    Historic Scotland continues to destroy Scotlands heritage from within by low or zero maintenance and allowing private individuals who are often not Scottish , to own or keep Artifacts / Buildings of significant historical importance thus depriving the people of Scotland the right to see , enjoy ,learn about about our history , quietly with government funding these important parts of Scotlands history are left to disintegrate.


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