Hospital performance – there is no postcode lottery in Scotland

After scatter graphs, I love a funnel plot!

I know TuS followers are smarter than the average but, just in case, it’s easy once you know how.

The dots are hospitals, with wee ones on the left and the new Glasgow Southern General, to the right.

The closer a dot is to the blue line, the closer it is to the predicted mortality rate it should have had last year. The prediction is based on past performance and the demographic (age, affluence etc) profile of the area it serves.

The ones below the blue line did a bit better than predicted, like the big one in Glasgow, and those above did a wee bit worse. Only one triggered the upper warning limit, just.

Overall, they are tightly clustered and all performing well such that you need worry little about which to attend.


2 thoughts on “Hospital performance – there is no postcode lottery in Scotland

  1. Meanwhile England’s health service is in a mess and their pharmacies as stated here yesterday are closing, but their PM says no worries sheeple, there’s a new way to get health care via a telephone consultation a brand new big multi million £’s contract has been handed to (?) someone to roll out the new system for the plebs in England. It’s actually very scary, just reading about how many people in the US are in ‘health debt’…debt is nevr good but to be in debt just to get healthcare, it’s really disgusting and it’s coming to the Uk, England, then Scotland if we don’t escape.

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