BBC UK and top pharmacist praises Scottish Government as pharmacies close across England

Sanjeev Panesar owns Pan Pharmacy in Birmingham

Not featuring in the Scottish news anywhere, as far as I can see, BBC Health offers us this today under the headline: Scores of local pharmacies closing across England:

Scotland scheme ‘more patient-focused’

Pharmacists in England look to Scotland, where a scheme called Pharmacy First includes a contract between the sector and the Scottish government setting out what services are expected, with payment for every consultation.

These cover minor ailments and illnesses, some of which might once have been dealt with at GP practices. In England there is a less formal arrangement, with some consultations by pharmacists not remunerated. There is also more prescribing of medicines by pharmacists in Scotland.

George Romanes, who owns a chain of local pharmacies in the Scottish borders, believes the new structure works better than the arrangements south of the border.

“I used to have an English pharmacy but I sold it, and all the outlets we have now are in Scotland. I think the Scottish contract is much more patient-focused,” he said.

“The fact you can come in and see a pharmacist there and then as it were, rather than needing an appointment, is very beneficial for patients, they like to get a problem sorted as quick as they can.”

Mr Panesar [above] called for political leaders, including Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, whose mother ran a pharmacy, to visit local pharmacies to see first-hand the pressures they face.

“I’d love him to come and see what we do, how patients feel about what we offer and actually, that this is serious, and that the sector is crumbling, and is going to fall down like a stack of dominoes, if there’s not intervention urgently.”

BBC Scotland today:

BBC Business website? Nope.

Maybe Reporting Scotland, Good Morning Scotland or Drivetime will tell us?


4 thoughts on “BBC UK and top pharmacist praises Scottish Government as pharmacies close across England

  1. It was reported on the 8.00am news headlines on Radio 3.

    If ye wur pointy-heidit like what Ah’m ur ye wid have heard that news.


  2. I noticed that report on BBC Health page – reckoned it would never appear on BBC Scotland page 🙂


  3. Well spotted and reported, although I suspect none frequenting this site including probably James Cook’s and the State of a Secretary for Flounce in Scotland’s minions, would expect such a revelation from the BBC in Scotland, let alone an Analysis by Lazy Winters.

    It’s on articles such as this where I wish the National would abandon the “don’t criticise fellow journalists” etiquette and embarrass the hell out of Scotland’s media mafia for their provable track record in only criticising SG when the SNP are in power.

    The “Cosy” Nostra has had it’s day, at least for the public…

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  4. Scotland pharmacies really work. Necessary prescription saving health and lives. Keeping people alive and health. Personal care keeping people in their home and more affordable. Helping people lead long and happy lives. The responsibility of good Gov. Health and Education. Keeping people healthy and good information helps the economy. A more equal society. Encouraging wellbeing. .


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