Panic-mongering media on gender identity as only 0.21% are on waiting list

1 086 00 in Scotland are under 18 years of age. Around 50%, at least 500 000, live in the West and South-West.

There are four gender clinics in Scotland, in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Inverness with Glasgow, I feel sure dealing with half of the cases.

The Herald suggests ‘over 1 000’ then leads with:

Thousands of Scots children and adults are on the waiting list for treatment at a gender identity clinic as health leaders warned the toxic row over self-ID has led to a recruitment crisis.

The figure is 1 064, 0.21% of under 18s are on a waiting list for the Glasgow gender clinic. ‘More than a 1 000’ is just typical juvenile reporting. Not under 18. More under 12?

And, ‘self ID row’ hits staffing?

Has the gender ID debate actually given more hope to a tiny but deeply anxious and abused group?



One thought on “Panic-mongering media on gender identity as only 0.21% are on waiting list

  1. It’s the Herod’s “Buggin’s turn” at trying to breathe life back into the the corpse of getting Scots upset over the GRR, despite the combined might of HMS James Cook and Elizabeth House having failed.

    The onslaught only succeeded in convincing the public that the current State of a Secretary of Flounce in Scotland was an even more embarrassing and arrogant git than imagined, and confirming the wisdom of D&G voters to be finally rid of a string of such mincing fools.

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