Hardly anybody really thinks Nicola Sturgeon should be suspended from the SNP

I know a self-selecting sample but quite a big response, offers a better indication than all the media headlines baying for blood.

So, 57.5% of responses were from SNP members and only 3% of those think she should be suspended.

42.6% were not SNP members and only 8.1% of those thought she should be suspended.

Pretty clear.


5 thoughts on “Hardly anybody really thinks Nicola Sturgeon should be suspended from the SNP

  1. The bile and hatred towards the former First Minister since her resignation has been astounding in its ferocity from the media across the UK, particularly from the smug Guardian and Private Eye. It is an indication of how much fear she had evoked in them that Scotland might, indeed, leave the Uk and take with it more than half of the territory of the UK, most of the fishing grounds, most of the fresh water and the huge quantities of oil, gas and renewables which underpin the pound. And, if Scotland left, where would Westminster be able to store its giab=nt dildo knows as ‘Trident’?

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  2. As Open Democracy has revealed, £3.6m is missing from the Tory Party accounts from the 2019 General Election. No Party offices searched. No former leaders houses searched. No vehicles seized. No comment.

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  3. National Audit Office has INDENTIFIED over 21 billion pounds lost to fraud and scams by the UK government during Covid/recovery period.
    “Inside man” was Rishi Sunak.
    Should he be expelled from the Tory party? “Lock him up”?
    DRossie wants Tory voters to vote Labour–Time to go, DRossie?
    Pamela Nash wants Labour voters to vote Tory. Yup, Red Tories!
    RAAB resigns for bullying, but its all the fault of the victims.
    Starmer revealed as a carved wooden statue–(no, I made that up).

    Confused? You should be, but this is increasingly Brit Nat politics.


  4. Labour £5 million shortfall in finance( debt) and membership down by 91,000.
    GMB threatening to withdraw financial support.
    Absolutely nobody suggesting the imminent collapse of labour, but SNP….


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