Big enough to be independent? Scotland could produce TEN times the electricity it needs

How much electricity does Scotland need?

Again using Scotland it has a population a little over 5 million and requires 25 TWh/year of electrical energy each year.

How much electricity does England need? With 10 times the population, 250 TWh/year?

How much electricity could Scotland produce? 237 TWh/year.



8 thoughts on “Big enough to be independent? Scotland could produce TEN times the electricity it needs

  1. Ah, but …. it is only able to do that because of British and overseas ‘know how’. That is why the oil and gas had to be taken under Westminster control. Nigel Lawson used the revenues to destroy trade unions and facilitate privatisation.

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    1. So England only has tarred roads because of Scottish knowhow? (Telford and MacAdam) and what about whisky? This is a ridiculous argument!


      1. Of course it is ridiculous, but it is the essence of the Better Together argument – Scotland is too wee and no very good


  2. Confusion over Scotland’s present versus potential energy production and demand, and what England’s circumstances are, is frequently assisted by HMG’s little helpers obscuring realities by switching terms and geographic references to muddle understanding, the ability to edit Wikipedia makes this fairly simple to achieve.

    eg – The Wikipedia article refers to “By 2019 renewable electricity generation was 30,528 GWh, over 90% of Scotland’s gross electricity consumption (33,914 GWh) ”
    The aptly titled “confusedaboutenergy” site I suspect quote the more accurate estimate of present Scotland’s consumption at “25 TWh/year”, so if the generation capacity 30,528GWh is correct, we are already self-sustainable.
    So where is that 35% uplift in actual consumption on Wikipedia come from ?

    If you look to “Dukes 2022 Chapter 5” published by HMG, they state for the UK as a whole “Electricity demand increased in 2021 to 334.2 TWh, up by 1.2 per cent from 2020”, which I’ve no doubt is correct.

    I fully anticipate the Wikipedia page to be edited with new information on Scottish consumption before “Dukes 2023” is published showing a further increase in “UK demand”… 🙄

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  3. Top that up with the nuclear power stations that Better Together are determined to foist on us and that would be even more energy available for consumption in England.

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    1. If we are including them, we could have massive energy exports. We could power Europe, put Russia out of the energy market, bankrupt them, be rid of Putin and save Ukraine!


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