Anas slumps, Humza more popular than most and who is that Lib Dem guy?

Not making the headlines, how well the political leaders are perceived to be doing, in the recent YouGov poll.

The Times interpret the headline SNP figure of 38% as a meltdown, despite that being the same level as the three polls immediately before he took up office and no worse than many in the past nine years. With the Sun, they have him:

Humza Yousaf approval poll: incompetent and weak, say voters.

Their own poll does not bear that out.

Here are the figures:

Rishi Sunak 52% doing badly/25% doing well, down from 50/31, 63/20 with women.

Keir Starmer 47/28 down from 36/39 and 36/20 with women.

Humza Yousaf 44/19, 36/20 with women but 54/18 with men (!).

Anas Sarwar 33/27, down from 27/32, 21/30 with women but 47/23 with men.

Douglas Ross 52/16 down from 50/19, 44/16 with women and 61/16 with men.

Alex Cole Hamilton 28/13 but 59% Don’t Know!

Patrick Harvie 40/20 down from 37/22.

In their 17-20 February poll, only Sarwar sneaked a favourable 27/32 score but has fallen despite all the media attention on Yousaf, to a negative 33/27.

Yousaf, despite the media feeding frenzy does worse than Starmer but better than Sunak, Ross and Cole-Hamilton.

Alex Cole-Hamilton despite Reporting Scotland and the Herald headlining his sneaky wee misrepresentations of Freedom of Information findings gets a big ‘WHO?’

Things can only get better for one of these, OK two with Patrick.


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