Only in Scotland: Train cancellations caused by a leading politician

Today, BBC Business is reporting:

TransPennine Express worst for train cancellations. Train operator TransPennine Express (TPE) cancelled around one in six of its services in the four weeks to the end of March, new figures show. The regulator said the cancellation rate leapt from 5.8% to 17% when trains cancelled up to 10pm the night before due to staff shortages were included. It was the highest in the country, but down on the 23.8% cancellation rate in the previous period to 4 March.

No politician is pictured and those who are mentioned are quoted attacking the company running the service.

The Guardian and Independent have similar headlines and the same presence by politicians. The Manchester Evening News has no coverage.

Scotland’s Herald, in 2022, when similar levels of cancellations were common, had this kind of thing day after day:

The then First Minister was, of course, never in the room with the owners or the unions but, hey, anything bad that happens in Scotland required her face, preferably scowling.


3 thoughts on “Only in Scotland: Train cancellations caused by a leading politician

  1. HS2 costing£Billions. A white elephant. The monies should have been spent on the rail services in the North and Scotland to cut journey times.

    Essential rail services totally underfunded.

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  2. The purpose of most the Scottish media news and current affairs is and has always been to present Scotland and its people in a bad light. It is akin to abusive relationships, where the victim comes to accept that he or she is inadequate and deserves the treatment being meted out to them daily and in myriad ways.

    It has been going on since the Jacobite risings and through the Reformation and the various ‘radical’ risings. It is compelling people to KNOW THEIR PLACE.

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  3. Patricia Gibson, SNP asked in wm
    “Why was ScotRail paying £200million plus MORE for the same equivalent length of track than north of England?”

    Answer – waffle.

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