No meaningful visitor traffic recently!

Today, a friend sent me this from Scotland in Union:

We all need to play our parts in making this [Scotland staying in the Union and the SNP out of power] happen.  Scotland in Union will help, through political activity and through making a positive case for the UK, sharing information with people so that they can share it further.  We had a good example of this sharing the other day, when one of our supporters asked for some facts and figures to help with asking questions of a nationalist, and we were able to send them something quickly to help. I have included a link that document here, to share it with all of you as well.

It’s a huge list, all of which can be refuted but would the effort be worth it?

I thought I’d check a website traffic estimator for evidence of how popular and thus influential their website might be at got this: has not received any meaningful visitor traffic recently.

Back to my book!

7 thoughts on “No meaningful visitor traffic recently!

    1. Is that you, Pamela?
      Or another of the Brit Nit Loopy Dupes?
      The letter writing coven of creeps, perhaps?

      Anyway, as your mother should have told you, watch your tongue!

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  1. The positive case for the union? If they actually had one I’d be intrigued to hear it. The reality is there is only a positive case from the English (AKA British) perspective.

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  2. The Torygraft has an article bigging up Labour and Starmer’s chances of winning seats in Scotland.
    As they state, Starmer has no interest in constitutional change whether Browns contribution (which totally ignores Scotland) or abolishing the Lords (130 years since Keir Hardie was elected on this platform).

    Rather than abolish peerages, Starmer will allow hucksters Brown and Blair to slither into their ermine “Cloaks of Shame”.
    Makes you want to boak.

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