Ferry Fact Check – 9:9

There’s been a lot of unresearched talk about this.

The Labour/Lib Dem Scottish Scottish Government came to power in May 1999 and in May 2007, the SNP replaced them.

Based on a wikipedia analysis, the LabLib pact ‘built’ 9 ferries and the SNP ‘built’ 9 also.



14 thoughts on “Ferry Fact Check – 9:9

  1. We have got a bit sick of RS drag this ferry story into the gutter.

    Sorry O/T
    I note DRoss is asking for the SNP urgent questions regarding their finances maybe they should be asking him about this.

    DRoss reciever 5000 from the Scottish Unionist Association Trust who are they ?

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  2. https://www.transport.gov.scot/public-transport/ferries/infrastructure-projects/

    “As part of our commitment to our island and remote communities, since 2007, the Scottish Government has invested over £2.2 billion in the Clyde and Hebrides Ferry Service and the Northern Isles Ferry Service. This investment includes new routes, new vessels, upgraded harbour infrastructure, as well as the roll out of significantly reduced fares through the Road Equivalent Tariff scheme.”

    Long read >>>>

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  3. https://www.cmassets.co.uk/first-major-build-milestone-for-islay-ferries/

    “The £91 million contract to build the two ferries was awarded by CMAL to Cemre Marin Endustri in Turkey in March 2022 after a competitive procurement process. The first vessel is expected to be delivered by October 2024 and will enter service following sea trials and crew familiarisation. The second vessel will follow in early 2025.

    The Islay vessels form part of a 10-year programme of investment by CMAL, backed by £580 million from the Scottish Government for five years from 2021 to 2026. Plans will deliver 21 new vessels for the fleet and multi-million-pound upgrade of harbour infrastructure over the next decade. Further multi-million-pound investment will be needed to fund plans from 2026 onwards.”

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  4. DRossie O’Flipflop sets off alarms at Holyrood by getting a fake gun delivered.
    A fake gun for a fake politician.

    He claims it was for a wean.

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      1. HMS Vanguard three year late in a refit. “Superglued bolts” in the reactor chamber (which fell off) the latest defect.
        The destroyer fleet which cannot put to sea.
        More Admirals than boats.
        The Ajax military vehicle which has cost billions with zero return.
        Etc etc etc.

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  5. Speaking of failed ferries, I see our colonial war criminal neighbours from Hell have screwed up one of the two aircraft ferries they billed us for so completely that it is now being used for spare parts to keep the other one afloat. HMS JugLugs, the organ donor for HMS Deidmaw!

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  6. Here’s an idea for Hi Jack.
    Build more aircraft ferries.
    Since they are not fit to go to sea, superglue them all nose to tail (bow to stern) and voila—a superglued aircraft-ferry bridge to N Ireland from Stranraer.

    Any change out of his (invisible) £20 billion, send it post haste to Ochiltree.
    That would be Ochiltree in Scotland, the country Hi Jack claims does not exist.


  7. I wonder what might have happened if the Labour – Lib Dem coalition government had put the ferries out to private tender under PFI?
    A combination of PFI and inflation/fuel price linked RET would probably have put travel out of reach of many of the islanders today.


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