Scottish TUC praise Humza Yousaf but it’s ignored by all media

Image: FBU

From the Fire Brigades Union two days ago but studiously ignored by all mainstream media:

Speaking at today’s Scottish TUC Congress in Dundee, Scottish First Minister Humza Yousaf promised not to issue work notices under the Westminster Government’s proposed new anti-union laws.

Humza Yousaf said: “Be in no doubt, the Scottish Government will never issue or enforce a single work notice, we will continue to do everything we can to oppose this disgraceful legislation.”

The Minimum Service Levels Bill could force workers in six sectors (Health, Fire, Transport, Education, Border Security and Nuclear Decommissioning) to work on strike days despite having a democratic mandate to strike. It is due to be debated again in the House of Lords next week.

Imagine the coverage, had he been attacked by the STUC?


4 thoughts on “Scottish TUC praise Humza Yousaf but it’s ignored by all media

  1. …but how many union leaders will come out and support the stance of the Scottish Government in any way – instead we have apparatchiks from some unions lining up with Anas Sarwar ( a dyed-in-the-wool-socialist – NOT !) to knock the SNP Government at every juncture .
    They need to realise that this Labour Party is NOT a friend of the working man .

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    1. I think a number of union leaders have realised that a very large proportion of trade union members support independence. The Glasgow pay fiasco when Labour Councillors and make trade union officers connived to underpay female employees for more than a decade has left its mark on the mindsets of many female members. Increasing numbers of trade union officers are women. The narrow ‘blokey lads clique’ which often existed between TU officials and local Labour Party officers, as described in Gerry Hassan’s ‘The Strange Death of Labour Scotland’, has been badly dented.

      Many former Labour voters, such as myself were utterly disgusted at the close relations between Labour and the Tories in Better Together and the way Labour people were prepared to take Tory money.

      Labour under Blair and especially Bodger Broon wilfully refused to make the case for a different polity and redistributive politics. They were too closely tied to the editors of the Daily Mail and the Sun and were even getting columns in the Telegraph.

      Many in Labour are still hostile to any conception of Scottish culture and sneer at road signs and public notices in Gaelic. Socially, they are pretty conservative.

      Starmer is an English/British nationalist – the knighthood says it all. The shadow cabinet attacks working people taking industrial action and proclaims itself the ‘friend of business’.

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  2. Union leaders become tories , their salaries jump to a hundred thousand pounds a year or even more and they end up out of touch with the people they represent because the only job they do is as the leader of the union.
    Some union leaders have been more interested in their own profile than the interests of their members seeking mergers with smaller unions that represent more senior executive types.
    It’s rare for these union leaders to recommend strike action they always want to be seen as negotiators .


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