Homeless deaths fall?

With their usual approach to statistics, the Herald adds ups up the figures from a new experimental approach to estimation, to get more than 520 homeless deaths over three years.

In the middle, we see:

There’s some determined wee effort there, with the 18 month period rather than the usual year, to get a increase of some kind, then the admission that the trend is downward.

Also, ONS (England & Wales) not NRS (Scotland) numbers?

Does the Museum of Homelessness (MoH) know where they are? I’ve had a quick look at the ONS but see no sign of Scottish figures.

5 thoughts on “Homeless deaths fall?

  1. I noticed that the Herald’s front page went big on this today. Nothing else happening in Scotland worth splashing over the front page? Maybe a major speech by the FM perhaps?

    They really do a good job of trashing their own reputation, or what is left of it, don’t they?

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    1. The reason for most of the homelessness is attributable to Tory policies dating back to the 1980s when Thatcher instituted the sale of Council houses and refused to invest the receipts from sales in the building of new houses.

      Essentially, she was creating a shortage of housing, to force up property prices due to the concept of ‘supply and demand’. The increased cost of rents, the lack of available housing and the deliberate leaving of potential building sites empty to force up land prices all forced people out of housing, into the properties of rapacious rentier landlords and, eventually, on to the streets.

      The Herald was always Thatcherite so it makes no mention of the cause of homelessness. Rather it rejoices in the deaths of homeless people because they imply it shows how bad the Scottish Government is.

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  2. The “Scottish Office Herald”, these days.
    Prop–Gov Gen Hi Jack.

    Is there a surreptitious funding stream from the British State to Newsquest/Gannet? Perhaps in the USA?

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  3. John,What is going on in BBC Scotland reminds me so much the way they carried on during the Independence vote but this time getting a lot of ammunition from certain SNP members and others.
    I keep going back and having a read of London Calling and watching you stuffing the BBC bosses.
    I think the time has come for all SNP MPs,MSPs to now give no interviews to them and tell them to bugger off.
    I don’t do twitter myself but do have a look and some of it is beyond a joke.
    No mention of the corruption regarding PPE Mone and others by MSM and soon it will be the waving of the UJ for Charlie and how great UK is makes me sick.
    Sorry John rant over but it is depressing what is going on London must be really scared they are going to be left on their own.

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  4. Aye, “Exclusive” and “Scandal…”, shades of the Sun rather than the sun-shades, and the Senior Reporter moniker for Martin must put Tom “One foot in the Grave” Gordon’s nose out…
    I’m convinced that were it not for the National, the Herald would have been defunct years ago, so someone is shelling out handsomely to keep these charlatans afloat in their own bile…

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