Not so ‘Poor Humza’ as multiple groups welcome his prospectus

From SNP Media today:

The First Minister’s Scottish Government’s new policy prospectus has been welcomed by key stakeholders including:
Scottish Empty Homes Partnership: This makes the First Minister’s announcement…a positive step to help to address the housing emergency by freeing up more housing stock” and “It is to be welcomed that proposals are being brought forward that recognise how empty homes can be part of solutions, rather than simply being seen as problems, for communities.
Reform Scotland: A welcomed policy change which the Commission on School Reform has long called for & was included in our recent report setting our priorities for the next First Minister. (On global reading comparisons)

Crisis Scotland: Really positive to see Humza Yousaf re-affirm the Scottish Government’s commitment to new duties to prevent homelessness today. By allowing people to get help earlier, and widening responsibility for prevention, we can build a truly world-leading system.

Oxfam Scotland: To tackle poverty we need to be bolder on taxation and the redistribution of wealth, says Humza Yousaf. We agree and are looking forward to engaging with him on this subject at his upcoming anti-poverty summit.

Scotch Whisky Association: He has signalled a reset with the Scottish business community so the #ScotchWhisky industry and other sectors can help @scotgov drive economic growth We welcome @HumzaYousaf’s statement on DRS & the Alcohol Marketing Consultation/

Transform Scotland: Pleased to see continued commitment from @HumzaYousaf in new @scotgov programme to Public transport affordability Traffic reduction Active travel investment Decarbonising bus & rail

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland: Welcome commitment today from Humza Yousaf (and) Mairi McAllan to continue international advocacy for loss and damage funding @scotgov can continue & enhance leadership by increasing funding through new & additional sources of finance raised by making the biggest polluters pay most to continue international advocacy for loss and damage funding. Scottish Govt can continue & enhance leadership by increasing funding through new & additional sources of finance raised by making the biggest polluters pay most. 

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland: The emphasis from HumzaYousaf on bolder, progressive taxation is welcome, & we hope to see an explicit link made to making the biggest polluters pay & for increased revenue used to tackle both inequality and the climate crisis. 

Parkinson’s UK Scotland: We’re pleased to see a further pause to @ScotGov’s #NationalCareService Bill. We hope that Ministers will use the time to deliver clarity about how its proposals will make it easier for ppl w/ #Parkinsons + others to access the care they need. 

Child Poverty Action Group Scotland: First Minister needs to move fast to turn today’s welcome words into concrete policy actions that boost family incomes now.
Federation of Small Businesses in Scotland: The First Minister clearly recognises the need to rethink how his administration engages with business and implements its plans. We look forward to continuing to work with the Scottish Government to ensure that the voice of our smaller businesses and the communities they serve is heard at every stage of the policymaking process. 

Scottish Chambers of Commerce

  • on DRS: The business community will welcome the First Minister’s sensible move to delay the launch of the Deposit Return Scheme to March 2024. 
  • on alcohol advertising: The First Minister was right to highlight the widespread concern from multiple industries such as hospitality and food & drink over the government’s excessive proposals to limit the capacity for marketing their goods.
  • on a ‘New Deal’ for business: This is a positive first step from the government towards addressing the resetting of the relationship with the business community. We are ready and willing to work constructively with the Scottish Government to develop a world-leading economy that attracts investment, creates jobs, and is globally competitive.

Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber Of Commerce

  • on a ‘New Deal’ for business: We are encouraged to see economic growth as one of the three main pillars in the proposals set out by the new First Minister today, with particular emphasis on supporting business and maximising trade. Furthermore, there’s recognition that the North East of Scotland must be at the heart of this strategy — capitalising on the industrial, supply chain and employment opportunities which will stem from energy transition.
  • on DRS and Alcohol Advertising: We welcome that the Deposit Return Scheme has been paused and maintain that any proposals will require fundamental changes before they are brought back for consultation. Likewise, we are pleased to see that the Scottish Government has heeded our calls to scrap its proposed restrictions on alcohol advertising which were both disproportionate and unworkable.

4 thoughts on “Not so ‘Poor Humza’ as multiple groups welcome his prospectus

  1. O/T.
    Had I been Stephen Flynn at PMQs, I would have stated that the lock-down+++covid recovery frauds (the biggest robbery in UK history) made Brinks-Matt look like a piggy-band robbery…….
    ……since Rishi Sunak was seen at the “Scene of the Crime”, could he help the police with their inquiries to identify the “inside man”.

    And I would have helpfully pointed out that…………. it was Tory family and friends who benefited the most from these scams.

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  2. Useful summary. When added to changes in personal and/or roles within the SG Cabinet, only those journalists in thrall to Unionism will be able to continue to spout unqualified ‘continuity candidate’ nonsense.

    But are we still going to have an SNP MSP persist in telling journalists that “continuity won’t cut it” despite all this evidence of change?

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