BBC Scotland’s dishonest reporting of Kate Forbes to undermine First Minister

The above report and headline was posted today (19 April) based on comments made by Forbes in March, three weeks ago or more ago, ‘in March‘, before the First Minister announced his priority policies for action which have been described as ‘bold’ and ‘progressive’ (see link below).

The above fact is entirely concealed from the reader with only the misleading indication that it will be broadcast tonight (19 April).

Forbes has today criticised the BBC but to no avail:


9 thoughts on “BBC Scotland’s dishonest reporting of Kate Forbes to undermine First Minister

  1. Humza Yousaf new kid on the block and acting like it too , a real leader would be suspending anyone and everyone who is connected to Mr Murrell including his wife until the court or police make a decision about him.
    Kate Forbes is being used against Humza Yousaf because if he sinks quickly it is likely that she will take over , the media know this so they are testing her by printing an out of date comment as if it’s new.

    Isn’t there a group in the SNP who care more about Scottish independence than anything else ? If there is , they need to act now , bump Yousaf and do as above to save the SNP or for sure lots of people will split , ALBA , Labour ,become a non voter


    1. So Humza should suspend anyone and everyone who is connected to Mr Murrell or Nicola Sturgeon while an external body decide to do something or not whenever that may be, based on a claim that money has gone missing or not?

      That’s not leadership, that’s a knee jerk reaction

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      1. I do not think it’s a knee jerk reaction in fact it is what Nicola Sturgeon did throughout her reign as leader , think back how many SNP people she suspended and a great many of them were found to be innocent of wrongdoing .I know we would all love to love Nicola Sturgeon and time does pass bye quickly but it’s nine years ago she got us all behind her with a huge never ending majority and promise after promise of a Scottish independence referendum that never happened , i no longer back her she has taken us up a dead end and that could in no way whatsoever be assumed as accidental.


      2. Think you got your wuking murds fuddled.
        It’s not a “knee jerk reaction”
        It’s “A jerk with a knee reaction”


    2. Kate didn’t win because SNP members voted for Humza. We haven’t run off to Alba or labour because we want to support the person we voted for to lead our party.

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