How only Scottish Labour/Tories will exploit child death for political purposes

Today, BBC UK and Northamptonshire report:

The safety of a ward accused of failing children has been rated as inadequate by inspectors. The care regulator warned Kettering General Hospital (KGH) in Northamptonshire over its children’s and young people’s services. Inspectors‘ worries include sepsis treatment, staff numbers, dirt levels and not having an “open culture” where concerns can be raised without fear. The trust’s chief executive apologised to those who felt let down. Since the BBC’s first report in February highlighting the concerns of parents with children who died or became seriously ill at KGH, dozens more families have come forward, bringing the number to 50 to date.

There’s something NOT in the report. Regular readers already know what I’m referring to. This kind of thing:

When one, not fifty, child dies from sepsis and the parents, not inspectors, suspect inadequate care, the then opposition leader and the Scottish MSM are all over the story. Anas Sarwar, above, is quoted repeatedly in the report and makes the front page across the press:

Daily Express

Then in a broadcast debate with other party leaders on STV, 13 April 2021, Sarwar even shouts ‘Millie Main!‘ twice at the First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon. BBC Scotland allow him to be described as ‘supporting’ the family:

I feel sick just typing that.

On 23 September 2021, the Sun and the Scotsman front page the claim that the child was ‘murdered.’

In December 2021, BBC Scotland platforms the Scottish Conservatives to say:

The Scottish Conservatives have called for a second public inquiry, this time into how ministers have responded to concerns about the hospital, saying that “ultimate responsibility” lies with the government.

In the BBC UK/Northamptonshire report today, which does not make front page in any major newspaper, there is no sign of any politician at all. Only the health trust and one ward are accused.

This cynical politicisation of health reports, in a manner frankly creepy, is unique to Scotland’s media and to the Scottish Labour/Tories/Lib Dems.


3 thoughts on “How only Scottish Labour/Tories will exploit child death for political purposes

  1. It should not be beyond the Scottish Government’s ability to boycott the BBC . Refuse to give them interviews , refuse to accept questions from their lickspittle reporters at Pressers ,etc…
    What will happen ? Will the BBC publish negative stories in retaliation ?
    Situation normal !

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    1. …and as for the Ambulance Chaser , Sarwar , posing as a political leader -there are no words to express the utter contempt any ordinary person should have for this detestable human .
      He is condemned by his own words and actions !

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