Alcohol treatment services treating 89% within the waiting time target

….few years…There’s just not the capacity in the system for these people.

Above, how Reporting Scotland, and other ‘Scottish’ media are reporting this.

First, the facts on that ‘diminishing‘, from Public Health Scotland in December 2022:

The Scottish Government set a Standard that 90% of people referred for help with problematic drug or alcohol use will wait no longer than three weeks for specialist treatment that supports their recovery. Nationally, the Standard was met for referrals to community-based services starting treatment for co-dependency (94%), and problematic use of drugs (93%). The Standard was not met for those starting treatment for alcohol (89%).

What, only 89%, target missed by 1% and down 2% from the last quarter – heads must roll! SNP ones only please!

BBC vox pops in Buchananan Street

Second, on the ‘rise in deaths, from BBC Scotland’s website today:

Figures from 2021, the last year available, show 1,245 people died from conditions caused by alcohol, the highest level since 2008. Experts believe restricted services and isolation were factors in a spike in alcohol deaths during the Covid pandemic.

Note, we don’t get to see the pre-pandemic rate for a more meaningful comparison.

From the good doctor’s (above) own website:

The rate of mortality from alcohol-specific causes was 22.3 deaths per 100,000 people in 2021. This is not a statistically significant increase on 21.5 deaths per 100,000 in 2020.,deaths%20per%20100%2C000%20in%202020.

So, to sum up, the death rate is pretty static and treatment is holding up well?

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