How old is the ‘SNP fraud’ lead investigator?

According to BBC Scotland:

Police Scotland launched its Operation Branchfoot investigation into the SNP’s finances in July 2021 after receiving complaints about how donations were used.

Try searching for Branchfoot and get this:


Branchfoot is a brown tabby cat with yellow eyes.

Beyond The Stars

In Beyond The Stars, Branchfoot is Twinklegaze’s brother. He, like Twinklegaze and Oceansong, is a kit in the prologue. Branchfoot was the youngest of Skystar’s kits and always envied his older sisters. He killed Twinklegaze’s mate, Silverthorn, and framed her for the murder. With Twinklegaze banished, Branchfoot didn’t feel unimportant anymore, but he had betrayed his sister and his clan. Branchfoot also started mentoring Twinklegaze’s apprentice, Breezepaw. Breezepaw never liked Branchfoot but she didn’t want to say that. Oceansong, Branchfoot and Twinklegaze’s medicine cat sister, receives a prophecy: “The silver queen will return to unmask the darkness that has risen” as a result of this, Branchfoot grows worried that Twinklegaze will return and everyone will find out he killed Silverthorn. True to the prophecy, Twinklegaze returns but, upon seeing his normally perfect sister in a state of disarray, Branchfoot gets too cocky and tells her, which shocks the whole clan. He gets defeated in a battle with Twinklegaze and has to leave Windclan.

I repeat, who named this investigation?

3 thoughts on “How old is the ‘SNP fraud’ lead investigator?

    1. Start again.
      It is rumoured that “Beyond the Stars” was Ken McCallum’s favourite book, and Branchfoot hiss favourite charactor in the book.

      When he got to be Boss of all the Spooks he had them write a new ending —an ending where Twinklegaze Sturgeon gets hers.

      How do I know?
      My best Bud DRossie O’Flipflop told me—honest!
      And he got it from Shir Keir, who heard it in the toilets in the Strangers Bar.

      But dont tell anyone—its a SECRET!

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