Why are less than half the knife crimes not in the public interest when higher drug deaths are?

On BBC 1 this morning, the above horror statistics.

Might Scots be justified in wondering in things are as bad here? If it was worse, we’d hear all about it as we do relentlessly with drug deaths:

So comparing the rUK with Scotland is a useful thing to do it seems? The Scottish Cons are keen to make sure we are well-informed on this in the hope they might squeezer a vote or two out of shaming us.

So, they’ll want to know how the knife crimes compare with Con-run England and Labour-run Wales?

It’s not as easy as it is for drugs and that in itself tells you something.

There were nearly 2 000 criminal offences using an ‘article with a blade or point’ in Scotland, in 2021/2022. That, of course, does not provide the figure for knives alone.

However, even if we just accept that figure, all things being equal, England & Wales might be expected to have 11 times as many as the 2 000, around 22 000 but actually had 45 000, more than twice as many as expected.

Knife crime is more than twice as high in England & Wales.



4 thoughts on “Why are less than half the knife crimes not in the public interest when higher drug deaths are?

  1. In Scotland it was being chibbed( pointy object ) or razored( slashed), we used to play knifey(actual knife used) where injury only occurred when your aim was off. The purpose of the game was to unbalance your opponent by throwing the knife as close to the outside edge of either foot, your opponent then had to place the uninjured foot where the knife had been. Alternate shots eventually widened the stance to a degree balance was lost. Last man standing was the winner.

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  2. Haha, remember that. At about the same age I used to go about with one attached to my belt, as did others. Nobody batted an eyelid. Remember playing knife as well- not with the sheath knife though!
    Would be taken into care nowadays.


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