Scottish Labour support for ‘fishing bans’ hidden by all Scottish media

The Herald, Express, Scotsman and the P&J have the SNP and the Greens in the harpoon firing line as, with BBC Scotland, they once more find a reason to use the fisherman as ammo in their proxy wars.

There’s something missing:

Remind you of something else? The media coverage of the SNP gender recognition reforms, supported across the House?


6 thoughts on “Scottish Labour support for ‘fishing bans’ hidden by all Scottish media

  1. The fishing industry in Scotland sold themselves down the river , a river with no fish , by supporting brexit , the only thing that has devastated their industry is brexit , serves them right got what they deserved in my opinion.I used to eat a lot of fish I would buy it from local fishermen who landed their catch in Mallaig and it would be sent to me by fast delivery service , I often spent well over a hundred pounds , a bouillabaisse would easily cost thirty of forty quids worth of fish and other seafood but when they all supported the Conservative brexit I gave up on them and stopped buying fish, now I am a vegetarian and don’t miss it at all.

    The farmers are crazy too , supporting the Con servatives , my broccoli from asda delivered today was grown in Spain my blueberries from South America my blackberries from Spain.

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  2. BBC Reporting Scotland had a report on the ‘fishing ban’, or HPMA, on Friday of last week if I remember correctly. The word ‘controversial’ was as usual overused. The whole tone and tenor of the report made it sound as if the HPMAs were going to be imposed this week without so much as a by-your-leave from the SG. Then at the end was a quiet, firm and measured response from the young woman who is the SG Minister overseeing the process. She made clear the process had only just started – with a consultation which started in Dec 2022 & ends today – and had some way to go and she would be visiting communities and talking to various groups. There would also be further consultations once they had draft proposals.

    As is my wont I then went looking for info on the SG’s HPMA. The whole process is likely to take at least 3 years before any sites are designated yet as usual the media and those who wish to indulge in distortion to score political points made it seem like a done deal.

    Here is a link to the process

    If anyone watched Sir David Attenborough’s Wild Isles would have seen the destruction to the seabed that some shell fishing techniques can cause.

    I do have some sympathy with the West Coast fisherman because they did not vote for Brexit unlike their counterparts on the East Coast. Europe was the main market for the shellfish industry on the West Coast and Brexit has all but destroyed it.

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    1. ‘As is my wont I then went looking for info on the SG’s HPMA’. Thanks: you prompted me to do the same.

      From the consultation document on ‘Scottish Highly Protected Marine Areas (HPMAs)’ : opened 17 April 2022 closed 17 April 2023. Specifically from the foreward by the Minister for Environment and Land Reform, Mairi McAllan MSP (with my emphasis):

      ‘As Minister for Environment and Land Reform, I am delighted to be consulting with you on WHAT HPMAs IN SCOTLAND SHOULD LOOK LIKE, HOW THEY SHOULD BE SELECTED AND IMPLEMENTED, and how they will affect our lives.’

      Adding: ‘There is STILL A VAST AMOUNT OF WORK TO BE DONE BEFORE WE ARE READY TO PROPOSE THE LOCATION of HPMAs. With your help, we can ensure the right policy and legal frameworks are in place; supported by clear guidelines on how to identify the ecosystems that merit protection.’

      And finally: ‘I am DETERMINED THAT THOSE WHO MAY BE AFFECTED BY THESE PROPOSALS ARE INVOLVED FROM THE OUTSET. Our seas MUST REMAIN A SOURCE OF ECONOMIC PROSPERITY for the nation, ESPECIALLY IN OUR REMOTE, COASTAL AND ISLAND COMMUNITIES. That is why I want to hear what you think. I want to take on board your concerns and your ideas. I want you to help shape the creation of these highly protected areas.”


      Obviously some opponents of the policy may simply be against HPMAs in principle – regardless of where they are located, regardless of the details of their design, and at any time.

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  4. Whilst on the subject of cross party support for establishing HPMAs in Scotland, the main blog post added the Labour Party in Scotland to the SNP and the Scottish Greens. To these we can add the Tories in Scotland!

    From the 2021 Tory manifesto for the Holyrood elections (with my emphasis):

    ‘One in nine species in Scotland are threatened by extinction. To prevent this, the Scottish Conservatives would bring forward an ambitious Nature Bill to strengthen environmental protections on land and sea for Scottish species and their habitats.

    ‘OUR COASTAL COMMUNITIES CAN THRIVE AND GROW WHILE WE BETTER PROTECT OUR MARINE BIOLOGY – THE TWO ARE NOT MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE. With 61 per cent of the UK’s domestic waters, Scotland has an important role in responsible marine stewardship. We will review the current MARINE PROTECTED AREAS IN SCOTTISH WATERS, WITH A VIEW TO EXPANDING THEIR EXTENT, and PILOT THE INTRODUCTION OF HIGHLY PROTECTED MARINE AREAS. We will promote sustainable fishing and effective stock management.


    The Westminster government intends to designate the first three Highly Protected Marine Areas in English waters before 6 July 2023. This decision has come following the analysis of responses from a consultation on five HPMA candidate sites. So of course the Tories in Scotland wanted HPMAs in Scotland too.


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