SNP Government benefits rise by 10%

BBC Scotland, as far as I can see have missed this important news. The Herald, above, had it on the 1st April but it did not make the front page.

Important news:

Twelve Scottish Government benefits including Carer’s Allowance Supplement and Best Start Grants will be increased by 10.1% on 1 April, backed by investment of around £430 million.

The Scottish Child Payment was increased by 150% in 2022 to £25 per eligible child per week.

A total of 13 Scottish Government benefits are now being delivered through Social Security Scotland, seven of which are only available in Scotland.

Social Security Minister Ben Macpherson said:

“We are committing £5.2 billion for social security benefits in 2023-24, providing support to more than one million people in Scotland. This is £776 million above the level of funding we are forecast to receive from the UK Government for social security through Block Grant Adjustments.

“The choices we have taken in our Budget represent a significant investment in people and are key to our national mission to tackle child poverty. They will help low-income families with their living costs, support people to heat their homes in winter, and enable disabled people to live full and independent lives. This is money that will go directly to people who need it the most.”


12 Scottish Government benefits will be increased by 10.1% on 1 April 2023. These are:

  • Child Winter Hearing Assistance
  • Carer’s Allowance Supplement
  • Young Carer Grant
  • Job Start Payment
  • Best Start Grant Early Learning Payment
  • Best Start Grant School Age Payment
  • Adult Disability Payment
  • Child Disability Payment
  • Best Start Foods
  • Best Start Grant Pregnancy & Baby Payment
  • Funeral Support Payment
  • Winter Heating Payment

Scottish Child Payment was increased to £25 per eligible child per week in November 2022. This represented a 150% increase in eight months.


3 thoughts on “SNP Government benefits rise by 10%

  1. Sadly for genuine Labour supporters , this is the kind of social action that Sarwar and Starmer will not implement – nor do you hear them praising the Scottish Government for such actions to help the poorest in society .
    These Labour ( sic ) leaders ( ? ) are too busy wooing the Tory voters in order to get into power – to do what ?
    Answers on a postcard to …Keir Hardie , birlin’ in his grave …

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