Criminal Labour expenses-fiddler and bully to return

SNP puts squeeze on Labour

In the Record today:

A former minister in Tony Blair’s government is seeking to make a comeback at Westminster, almost a decade after losing his seat. Douglas Alexander was in both Blair’s cabinet and that of his successor Gordon Brown.

But as the SNP virtually swept the board in the 2015 general election, winning all but three of the Scottish seats at Westminster, Alexander lost his his Paisley and Renfrewshire South seat to Mhairi Black – then a 20-year-old student.

He is now seeking to make a return to elected politics, standing as Labour’s candidate for East Lothian in the next general election. The seat is currently held by former Scottish justice justice secretary Kenny MacAskill, who left the SNP to join Alex Salmond’s Alba Party.

From Auld Grannie, who remembers, on twitter:

During the 2009 MP expenses scandal, Alexander was one of three Labour ministers who “quietly repaid more than £50,000 in expenses”. He had previously claimed expenses on his taxpayer funded second home while also receiving income from a tenant at the same second home.

with a comment underneath of:

A criminal act if you or I did that!

Just so.

Update, thanks to E-Tims on Twitter:

The chair of Unicef UK, Douglas Alexander, has resigned after being accused of bullying behaviour towards staff.

One of the charity’s vice-chairs, Caroline Underwood, also announced she had stepped down, a day after the executive director, Sacha Deshmukh, resigned amid the bullying allegations.

Playground victim then goes on to bully those below him in an organisation – familiar.


5 thoughts on “Criminal Labour expenses-fiddler and bully to return

  1. The prosecutions for such misdeeds remain a source of mystery to me. Some MPs were prosecuted and some of those were jailed. Most, however, ‘quietly repaid’ the sums falsely claimed with no further action -well, they are ‘honourable members”, aren’t they?

    One of the reasons giving to justify the expenses was that Parliamentarians were relatively poorly paid compared to people in important jobs, but it was felt that raising pay would ‘not look good’ when the plebs were suffering wage freezes. So, making spurious expenses claims was ‘a nod and a wink, tap on the nose’ way of paying them what they felt they ‘merited’.

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    1. He was my MP.
      He is all too obvious to me that he thinks he is above other mortals.
      Not for him a visit to a local store or a purchase from B&Q. His properties had the best wallpaper and paint that money could buy – all the way up from Londinium where his little empire was building up nicely.


  2. If they couldn’t understand or couldn’t be bothered to take the time to understand the fairly straightforward rules about their expenses claims how can they be trusted to deal competently with legislation that can affect every aspect of our lives?

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  3. Being an MP is a job for people who commit to the job full time they should not be allowed to have other jobs at the same time not even part time and they should certainly not be allowed to own businesses or be directors it’s obvious they have insider knowledge and an unfair advantage if they do , furthermore if they are doing their job as an MP properly they wouldnt have time for other jobs.

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