GP practices are safe – this Scottish trade union rep is not a ‘top doctor’ he’s not even a ‘regular’ doctor

According to the Scotsman yesterday:

A top medic has warned “no practice is safe” after one of Scotland’s largest GP surgeries folded – warning it is “a tipping point which could spread across the country” and lead to the collapse of NHS Scotland.

Let’s deal with the ‘folded’ practice. It hasn’t. From NHS Grampian before the Scotsman piece was published:

Alex Pirrie, Partnership Manager for Central Aberdeenshire, said: “Inverurie Medical Practice has unfortunately, like many others across the country, found itself in the position of being unable to recruit new, permanent GPs and as a result the Partners have taken the very difficult decision to hand back their contract to us.

“We will be working closely with the Practice and all other partners to secure a robust, sustainable, future focused Primary Care service for everyone registered with the Practice.

“I appreciate that this is an uncertain time for those registered with the practice, however the Practice will continue as normal over the next six months and there is no need for patients to change their practice, or take any other action, at this time.

“I would also like to reassure patients that we will keep them informed throughout the process and whilst I fully understand that this is an unsettling time, I can promise that we are doing all we can to make the process as smooth as possible. There is no need for any patients of the practice to take any action as the practice will continue operating as normal over the coming months and I would ask the community to refrain from contacting the practice with queries around this but rather if they have any questions, please get in touch with us.”

Why did the partners in this business give up? Might it be that they could not make enough profits to satisfy them because they couldn’t employ enough cheap, new, doctors at the rate they want to pay?

As for the leading doctor, we’ve been here before on Buist and others.

Top or leading doctors manage teams of cutting edge specialists in giant hospitals or do the latest research into complex conditions.

As a union rep he’s not even a regular doctor.

Sort of like Sandesh Gulhane, just a bit better?


4 thoughts on “GP practices are safe – this Scottish trade union rep is not a ‘top doctor’ he’s not even a ‘regular’ doctor

  1. “Sort of like Sandesh Gulhane, just a bit better?” – And no need for hair gel or scrubs for photo ops…

    Buist et al in previous articles from HMS James Cook were exceedingly careful NOT to mention senior doctors packing it in as their pensions were affected, lately (and too lately by half) addressed by Jeremy Rhyming-Slang’s reversal of
    government policy since the Osborne years – Anybody remember who the Health Secretary was then ?

    On the Junior side everything from student loans to restrictions student numbers to strangling NHS budgets to Brexit combined to create the current shortages, but there is one common thread – The Tories and Westminster politics – And there’s not a damned thing Scots can do about it unless they abandon both.

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  2. Many GP practices in Scotland and the rest of the U.K. would love to ditch people and become private enterprises , the people would hate it and suffer because they already struggle with living costs and would not be able to pay the cost of health care if it were private.

    The private health care system does not work for anyone other than the directors and employees f you need proof take a look at the USA system where huge amounts of money change hands for what is an inferior care system to our NHS

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  3. Many of these ” Doctor’s Reps ” statements should come with a Government Health Warning :
    ”This info is purposely designed to scare the sh*t out of anyone who takes it seriously but bears no relationship with the truth !”


  4. More sensationalist claptrap from the ‘Scotsman’ (sic) to sate the bottom-feeders in the unionist parties.
    Let’s hear Ross on this at FMQs on Thursday followed by the sound of the FM ripping him a new one.


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