Herald praised for providing best ever Media Studies spoof for Primary pupils

The above image was put together by Nicola Bolognese of P7, Fisherton Primary School in Dunure, Ayrshire, in a workshop based on:

Exclusive: Humza Yousaf faces 15 rebel SNP MSPs prepared to challenge government by Kathleen Nutt, in the Herald on Sunday 2 April.

Settling down after an outburst of laughter when Nicola presented her idea to the class, Mrs Butcher recorded the best of the class responses to the article.

  1. Bobby (11) – The writer says they’re going to rebel but then quotes them saying they won’t vote against Humza.
  2. Marie (10) – The writer says that this group want to reset the relationship with the business sector but another Herald writer has just proved the SNP already has a good relationship. My dad cut out this bit for me:

3. Carol (9) – The writer keeps using words and phrases like ‘potentially’ and ‘members are understood to be mostly parliamentarians.’ I think this means its just a wee rumour and there are less than 15 MSPs in the group.

4. Jimmy (11) – I bet none of them know they’re in a group at all.

The class voted to give the article a fail, give Nicola an A pass and to tell Marie’s dad to stop wasting his money.

Mrs Butcher said she was now inspired by the class comments, read and re-read them, before giving them all a B pass!


4 thoughts on “Herald praised for providing best ever Media Studies spoof for Primary pupils

  1. The thing that perplexes me is that Kathleen Nutt was a staffer on The National enthusiastically covering things like Theresa May blocking The National from new conferences when she was in Scotland and now she is spouting pro-union drivel. 😦

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  2. As Kevin McKenna condescendingly responded to Alison Thewliss MP who was dismissed as a columnist for the Daily Record for refusing to change the topic of her column: “Journalists do what the editor tells them …. and the editor is pro ly right”.

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