SNP support has been far far worse before and we’ve come back stronger than ever

The last two full Holyrood polls, post-Humza, do look bad; both under 40% SNP support. We’ve now had 4 results under 40%, since mid February 2023 but it’s been worse before.

It seems a distant memory but for a whole year from November 2017 to November 2018, SNP support barely crept above 40% and fell below that six times.

By the end of 2019, after the election of BJ, it soared to 50% and above for more than 20 polls, peaking at 58% twice.

We were back in the high 40s and 50s at the end of 2021, throughout 2022 and into 2023.

In that time, we’ve seen Labour and Con leaders come and go and a few SNP crises slavered over but few have had more than a minor effect and none have had a lasting one.

There is no reason to think support will not climb again when Sunak wins the next election or when another of Thatcher’s children, Starmer, disappoints his voters by working hard against their interests and for the corporations.


6 thoughts on “SNP support has been far far worse before and we’ve come back stronger than ever

  1. In all the gloating amongst the unionist media there is no awareness or preparedness to express awareness that for supporters of independence it is more than the individual politician or party. John Curtice has acknowledged this and in a rare candid piece in yesterday’s Guardian, the normally bombastic Martin Kettle acknowledged it, too. He also said that Nicola Sturgeon had alarmed British/English nationalists more than any person since Charles Edward Stuart in 1745/6

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  2. The media and BritNat state are hoping to finish off the SNP, they hate the SNP, they have done nothing but demonise the SNP and they know that their propaganda works. Looking at the state of the Uk, Britain, grt Britain, England, it’s a wonder that support for Scottish independence is not at least 65%…what is wrong with people!
    Watch this, this is what England is doing to Scotland, against the will of a massive majority of the people of Scotland and it is going to get worse. Jeez.


  3. And can anyone remember what happened in 2017? General Election two years after 56 seats won and Nicola said “ this election is not about independence “


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