Just arrived Ayr Tories embarrassed by ‘glowing’ school report fail to praise Education Secretary

Hooray for the previous SNP Council!

The Dowey husband and wife team, Tory council leader (1) and not-really-elected Tory MSP (2), have been caught out by this news:

South Ayrshire achieves glowing report for positive school leaver destinations

The School Leaver Destination Report (SLDR) recorded an impressive 98.6 per cent of pupils across South Ayrshire progressing from school to a positive destination.


Has this happened elsewhere in Scotland? Yes, see:

Latest figures published by Scottish Government show a record number of 2022 school leavers are in work, training or further education, with the proportion in unemployment at its lowest.


Why have the Tories been caught out? Well they’ve only been in power since the May 2021 local elections when Labour refused a progressive coalition with the SNP and, so, they can take no credit for this great news.

Who can take much of the credit? Well it’s a nationwide pattern, so along with the weans themselves and the schools, this woman?

Dowey 2 is in the Daily Record regularly blaming Humza Yousaf for anything that goes wrong in the Ayr Hospital but very quiet on this one.


6 thoughts on “Just arrived Ayr Tories embarrassed by ‘glowing’ school report fail to praise Education Secretary

    1. Thanks for the link to the BBC article on the ongoing financial drain on the UK that is HS2: ‘HS2 construction to be delayed in bid to cut costs’.

      The article has some noteworthy content:
      (1) ‘Conservative MP Simon Clarke, FORMER CHIEF SECRETARY TO THE TREASURY, tweeted that delaying construction “would be a sensible decision”.


      (2) ‘Michael Fabricant, Conservative MP for Lichfield, Staffordshire which contains part of the HS2 line, said: “I shall be asking the government WHETHER THIS DELAY MARKS THE END OF HS2 NORTH OF BIRMINGHAM FOR GOOD and whether HS2 will make good the damage already done in southern Staffordshire.”

      (3) ‘HS2 trains are scheduled to carry the first passengers between Old Oak Common station in West London and Birmingham, between 2029 and 2033.

      ‘Euston station in London is currently scheduled to open later, by 2035. Further stretches to Crewe and then to Manchester are DUE BY 2034 AND 2041.’

      (4) ‘Most of the HS2 leg to Leeds was scrapped in 2021.’ And of course the true north of England – Carlisle, Newcastle, Sunderland, Middlesbrough – were never included in the high speed rail plan anyway!

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  1. Sharon Dowey Junior-shortass is perhaps lacking in Iron Woman skills, eg – the ability to fight the world’s most advanced weaponry on her way to MacDonalds, defeat mass alien invasions etc, but blanches in the face of small boats fae Arran ?
    How this woman ever found her way out of the MacDonald’s drive thru remains as much a mystery to us as her..

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  2. Great news, well done the Scottish government. Just shows what they can do when the will is there, unlike when Labour UK were in power at Holyrood for ten whole years, wasted £billions of Scotland’s money on PFI scams, and sent £billions back to Westminster. Back then schools were scrabbling around (though in our case the staff and LA blamed the parents and in fact our children for needing specialist support in school) for a few pennies for learning support, kids didn’t stand a chance from the get go did they. I despise the Uk Labour party in Scotland.

    Thank goodness Labour Uk are nowhere near the levers of power in Scotland and while they work for their masters in London and shaft the people of Scotland, they must never ever be allowed near power in Scotland. They are already causing untold damage in councils, in coalition with the Uk Tories in Scotland. East Renfewshire reversing SNP (who should be at helm there now re votes) work to keep services going and functioning well, including provisions for childrens’ wellbeing etc. Hell mend the Labour party, enemies of Scotland and their legacy is dreadful. The damage they caused is slowly being repaired in the interests of the people of Scotland by the SNP and Scottish Greens.


  3. Dowie is an embarrassment to Scotland. She is only ever interested in self promotion. Though to be fair no one else would ever promote her or even elect her.


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