Cost of Scottish Labour’s PFI Incompetence balloons again by £770m to £1.46 BILLION

From SNP Media today:

The price of the biggest scandal of the Devolution era – Scottish Labour’s PFI catastrophe – continues to increase after it was revealed the cost to the public purse ballooned by an extra £1million every week in just the last year alone.

In response to a question from Kenneth Gibson MSP, Deputy First Minister John Swinney confirmed that the amount the Scottish Government and local authorities must find to pay for the botched Scottish Labour initiative had increased from £1,410 million last year to £1,460 million this year.

Now, after many years of payments and 16 years after Scottish Labour were kicked out of government, the amount still owed under PFI for hospitals and schools which the public sector won’t even own after they have been paid for is still an eye-watering £15,460 million. That outstanding amount has increased by a staggering £770 million in a year.


5 thoughts on “Cost of Scottish Labour’s PFI Incompetence balloons again by £770m to £1.46 BILLION

  1. I think Forth Valley Royal Hospital was the last PFI hospital. Although the Labour Scot Exec signed the contract for it in 2007 the hospital was built when the SNP came to power. There was some suggestion that the Scot aExec signed the contract during the hurrah period leading up to the May 2007 Holyrood election – confident of victory no doubt.

    It is not just the cost of building PFI hospitals but the maintenance costs which the PFI consortia draw up. All adding to the running costs. Also if the Health Board want to reconfigure any part of the hospital to update how health care is delivered then often the PFI contract or part thereof has to be re-negotiated.

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    1. Also far as I remember, the NHS etc in Scotland still don’t fully own the buildings once the£billions of debt is paid in years to come. Labours PFI was a massive scam at huge cost to the people of Scotland. Unforgivable.

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      1. And example of the PFI scandal is the new Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.

        The original budget for Edinburgh Royal Infirmary was £150 million. Final buiild cost was £180 million. PFI cost £1.2 Billion and Lothian Health Board will never own it.

        Now they are in dispute with the group that does own the hospital over maintenance or lack thereof of the hospital. A lack that is leading to problems that impact on patient care.


  2. The price of the biggest scandal of the Devolution era – Scottish Labour’s PFI catastrophe and Mcconnell sits in Lords collecting his bribe money and leaves us to pick up the bill.
    Barstewards the lot of them

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  3. Utter disgrace but it has always puzzled me that during FM’s questions when SLabour are continually accusing the Scot Gov of ‘short changing’ Councils that Sturgeon does not play this card. To my mind it would be an effective rebuttal.


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