HS2 will be 8 years behind and triple the cost but no heads need roll

Only the non-Tory press, The Mirror and the i make this a front page story.

HS2 is already 8 years late and expected to exceed it’s projected cost in 2010 of £33bn by a huge amount. It’s already at £71bn and some think it may go beyond £100bn.

When I saw that 2041 and thought of trains, I remembered this 2004 SF film:

In the future, a rail network connects Earth. Lonely souls try to reach a mysterious room called 2046; nothing ever changes there so there is never loss or sadness. No one has ever returned from 2046 except Japanese man Tak.


Resonates a bit doesn’t it?

Anyhow, The Mirror is referring to it as a ‘staggering Conservative failure’ but everywhere else it’s clearly no biggie unlike those Scottish ferries.

Scottish press? Only the Times ‘Scotland’ but that might just be laziness.


8 thoughts on “HS2 will be 8 years behind and triple the cost but no heads need roll

  1. Ah, but, building railways is a difficult and challenging business. There are all those landowners who have to be paid for the use of their land and the negotiations to settle the size of the donation to be made to the conservatives out of the compensation they will be paid for the loss of the land can take time.

    As far as ferries are concerned, this is just Jock incompetence. Remember, when we were children we were able to make paper boats in a few minutes and they sailed. IT IS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE! – no, it is marine engineering.

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  2. Where is this money coming from?
    The magic money tree or tax payers?
    If it is tax then the cost to Scottish tax payers will be in the region of £6 billion and going North with no direct benefit and more likely,no benefit to Scotland.
    Just another grievance to add to our tally.

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  3. And all to shave 20 mins off the journey time London to Birmingham. You will then spend that 20 mins taking a taxi into the centre of Birmingham because HS2 stops short of the centre. Or have I misremembered the details?

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  4. Someone’s getting very Rich from all the contracts then, delays have to be costed in as well. Wonder what the details of spending are so far, it’s what the lol media should be demanding to know and making sure that the public know who and where their money is going to. I know and pigs might fly.
    What a farce, English government are wasting money right left and centre, lots of it, while starving little children, and taking in £billlions for themselves, corrupt troughers. Getting away with it though, people of England seem mostly resigned to being taken for fools though. Crikey.
    Ps, there are road cones in the middle of a road near us, for absolutely no apparent reason, been there a while. Tory/Labour coalition council are handing out contracts to all sorts of folk for sticking cones and barriers up on roads and pavements, blocking access, mostly with no explanation and no sign of anything actually being repaired or upgraded etc and it started last year after the council elections. Someone is raking in public cash for this sham, bet they start making cuts to essential services and hike up council tax loads on April fools day!

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  5. Osbourne’s folly. The Tory slush fund. Consultancies and banking fees going to the Tories and their associates. Royal Mail sold off. Consultancies for Osbourne banker mates.

    Osbourne saw a bullet train in Japan. Wanted one here. Japan 100 people with a highly densely populated island.

    The railways in the North and Scotland need improvement to cut journey times, not the South. A total waste of time and monies with no business case. The civil service even lied to cover up the cost.


  6. Japan 125million people. Twice the UK on a densely populated island, Japan one of the most densely populated places in the world. Gives a lie to the carry on about migrants. Japan is more equal and prosperous than the UK.

    The Tories are a disgrace. They need to go.

    Spending £Billions on nuclear redundant weaponry. They should put £Billions back into Iraq and Libya etc. After bombing these places to bits.


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