Academic non-entity wheeled out by Tory rag to peddle sad wishes

Tory Lord Ashcroft owns the Holyrood mag and the right/Unionist drift in coverage has been notable.

Today, see the above.

Who is this expert?

Prof James Mitchell is a long-time critic of the SNP, deluded New Labour enthusiast, with a clear Unionist agenda making him far from ‘expert’ in the full academic sense of the word.


Labour’s revival puts SNP on the defensive:

Take the issue of independence out of Scotland’s election and the SNP would be struggling:


SNP’s independent Scotland would be a ‘little Britain’ as expert tears into ‘dismal’ second Indyref2 paper:

Try searching for Scottish political scientists and Mitchell does not appear. Prof Sir John Curtice at Strathclyde, for all his faults, has a far great profile. The far more evidence-based methods of Prof Ailsa Henderson at Edinburgh as opposed to the largely opinion-peddling of Mitchell, are also at the top.

Henderson, of course, is too honest to suit the MSM agenda, saying things like this on the Conservative hold in Galloway and West Dumfries, in the BBC election coverage in 2021, she said:

Labour voters have already tucked themselves up behind the Conservatives to prop up the Conservatives in a way. There is a smaller swing between Labour and the Conservatives because that swing happened last time. We are seeing smaller swings in the seats already held by Unionist parties. That is an example of that in Galloway and West Dumfries.

Sarwar to Cook: Get her off!


7 thoughts on “Academic non-entity wheeled out by Tory rag to peddle sad wishes

  1. Unionists will vote for anything , any party , Labour Conservative Lib Dem UKIP makes no difference to them , they do it to stop Scottish independence partly because some are English people and partly because some are people who want less socialist government.
    The right wing leaning voters team up with the many English people in Scotland to keep Scotland under the control of England because England always vote Conservative and because Scotland is a good retirement home for the English

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      1. Free markets ? So the BBC Scotland is a free market enterprise and all the newspapers in Scotland and radio too ? Are you serious ? There is no free market communication in Scotland it is all controlled by Westminster and it’s placed allies of which the Lord is one , he has no interest in the Holyrood magazine other than as a means to fulfil insider dealings of the political kind and he is doing it as directly as possible , right there in the Scottish parliament.

        I rarely mention Jesus but on this occasion I have to say …..Jesus ….


        1. Try looking at your own question…Jesus…
          What SG powers exist to prevent media corruption ? NONE, it’s all reserved..

          Tory embarrassment having been slagged in and out from the Tory leadership circus in Perth only needed a call to James Cook to engineer a diversion -What took the headlines ?, “victimised BBC “journalist”, complete with BBC/UK feature.

          We CAN’T prevent “a Tory Englishman to own the Scottish parliament magazine”, it’s reserved.

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        2. ‘why do we allow a Tory Englishman to own the Scottish parliament magazine?’ and ‘he is doing it as directly as possible, right there in the Scottish parliament.’

          Holyrood Magazine is – and as far as I know always has been – a wholly commercial entity. It is in no sense the ‘Scottish Parliament magazine’ other than its use of the ‘Holyrood’ name (free to use, no copyright protection) as a marketing ploy to attract a readership (including within the Parliament) and perhaps imply some closer association.

          The ‘About’ section of its website claims; ‘Holyrood is frequently quoted within the Scottish Parliament AS A SOURCE OF RELIABLE INFORMATION and political debate and according to Ipsos MORI is the most widely read publication amongst MSPs, with the magazine cited as being influential in their decision-making.’ (my emphasis).

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