No clear winner?

As in my other poll this morning, a self-selecting and small sample from a largely Yes-supporting following of more than 9 000, so no better than those done by the BMA, the RCG and any other RCs, largely accepted as valid on Reporting Scotland.

At 250 responses, only 7 or 8 times bigger than one of those Sarah Smith in Buchanan Street vox pops which managed to only find angry Unionists.

As in the properly sampled polls it’s clearly still too close to call.

On 3rd March, Savanta ComRes had Yousaf 46%, Forbes 37% and Regan 17% whereas earlier, in 26 February, Panelbase had Forbes on 23%, Yousaf on 15% and Regan on 7%, with the majority undecided.

And, just in from MSM Monitor, with another self-selecting sample but bigger at 2 635, Forbes and Yousaf both on exactly 42.1% with Regan on 15.8%.

In my wee poll, Regan seems to have done better than predicted.



11 thoughts on “No clear winner?

      1. Perhaps they are happiest when they are angry?
        Certainly in the pages of the Herod and Hootsmon, poison and venom are the inks of choice.

        Alternatively, they will be angry when they are happy, because with DRossie and Starwars. leading them………….there is little reason for happiness?

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        1. Scotsman readers down to 7000 according to, maybe their anger is wearing them out


    1. Cannot agree.
      Regan is too naive/impulsive to appeal to a wider demographic, which we NEED to win independence.
      I’m with “Sunday Post Candidate” Kate Forbes for the time being, but how it plays out for the long run is hard to forecast.

      A split might occur, leaving a centre-right pro-indy party and a centre-left pro-indy party in the ring.
      That might be the worst of all worlds, but it could also be the best of all worlds as well, for a pro-indy majority.

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      1. Time will tell gavinochiltree , why do you trust the view of the sunday post ? it’s owned by the Thomson family isn’t it ? and they are steadfastly against Scottish independence , they also own the Courier newspaper which in Dundee concentrates on petty crime doing down Dundee, it’s people and Scotland as a whole.
        I don’t trust them.
        If the Sunday post recommends someone I would be highly suspicious just for that reason alone.

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        1. My reference was not to the S.P supporting Forbes (do they, I don’t read it?), but to the broad S.P readership, not as the arbiter of good social policy, but just as a bland kind of Scottish “everyman”,
          If they “like” you, then its a good start in winning a majority, and THAT is what is we require, not a pro-indy angel dancing on the top of a purity pin.
          We wont get over the llne without middle-of-the-road conscripts joining us.

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          1. gavinochiltree…..I see…

            anniethenoo , I agree , AR will become more professional with experience in the job as NS did , what she believes in and what her intentions are , i believe , are more important , but presentation always works well on people who don’t look too deeply into what they are getting.


  1. KF certainly came across as the most skilled media performer last night, but is that actually the be all and end all at this point? Considering AR, with virtually no high profile media presence, training and experience to date, is able to get her points across, she will rapidly gain the media skills. I can envisage either of them as FM, and I predict they would work collaboratively and rise above the inevitable below-the-surface power struggles.

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  2. I want a FM who
    recognises and enthuses about what has been achieved over the last few years. Not independence for sure but up until last year I would say lots of good policy decisions and a perspective that Scotland was a fairer, more caring place to live

    understands the difficulties in keeping the band together and has a good plan for uniting first SNP members and then how to grow support

    admits that whether using referendums or the ballot box either approach is not 1 million miles away from what was already happening. Hard to measure support when a definitive referendum is ruled out for now, settled will through elections will take time to establish though a strong showing in the next GE would help

    encourages colleagues to stay off Twitter especially when they fall out with colleagues and establishes discipline and focus

    a good communicator, tolerant and empathetic but doesn’t get bogged down in issues

    able to learn from past mistakes and build on past successes so that continuity and a fresh approach can be woven together

    Easy peasy!


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