Why one patient’s fears exploited by BBC Scotland’s ‘ambulance-chasers’ cannot conceal that a Scottish hospital is safe and getting safer

From BBC Scotland today:

Jim Trodden was taken to Forth Valley Royal Hospital in Larbert with a torn artery last June. He died there five months later.

Members of the 68-year-old’s large extended family were with him every day. Jim, who was a leading oil industry safety expert, told them about the problems he could see around him.

The family took notes on the pressures facing medics. Overcrowding, staff shortages and a relentless demand were just some of the observations.


It’s not clear how the family came to contact BBC Scotland. That should be made clear. Did they first contact the Labour Party?

More important, might BBC Scotland’s researchers have found this, below?


NHS Forth Valley has a crude mortality, overall and within 30 days of discharge, which is almost exactly on the Scottish average and which is lower than it was pre-pandemic, ie improving.

That’s the news.


2 thoughts on “Why one patient’s fears exploited by BBC Scotland’s ‘ambulance-chasers’ cannot conceal that a Scottish hospital is safe and getting safer

  1. Brexit and the mismanaged pandemic caused problems in the NHS. Westminster underfunding since 2015. The Scottish Gov had to mitigate the cuts. Increasing funding.

    The Tories wasted monies on PPE and non scrutinised contracts. Instead of funding the NHS. More was losted on fraud.

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  2. Jeezo that took some searching, page two at the time of writing in the HMS James Cook demoted/ “that didn’t” work archive, now subtitled “A family speaks up for under-pressure medics at a Scottish hospital placed in special measures.”…
    But hey, at least it’s attributed to BBC Disclosure rather than the more usual “unmentionables” at the Scotland Office such “left hand down a bit..” Bowie or “right hand up a bit” Offord…


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