Snap Poll: After the STV leader debate likelihood of voting SNP may actually be stronger

I know, a self-selecting and small sample from a largely Yes-supporting following of more than 9 000, so no better than those done by the BMA, the RCG and any other RCs, largely accepted as valid on Reporting Scotland.

At 353 responses, only 10 times bigger than one of those Sarah Smith in Buchanan Street vox pops which managed to only find angry Unionists.

But, isn’t the result quite a bit different from that which you might expect if you’ve been watching the gleeful mainstream media reports?

Forced to choose, though more ‘the same’, I’d have said ‘stronger’ too. I enjoyed the debate. It was meaty but still civilised enough for listeners to hear arguments properly. All three came across better than I expected and narrowed the gap with the former FM at bit.


5 thoughts on “Snap Poll: After the STV leader debate likelihood of voting SNP may actually be stronger

  1. Completely agree.
    When listening to the “expert” panel afterwards,wondered if we had been watching a different presentation.
    On the matters of real substance,not much difference between the candidates except perhaps the question of being in government with the Greens and how they would deaL with that situation.
    A clear difference of opinion.
    Democracy in action.

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    1. I did not watch because I was at a Community Council meeting – local politics goes on, even when the SNP is choosing a new leader. However, my wife watched and she thought the candidates were lively and spoke well. Neither of us is a member of any political party, although we both support independence.

      The Tories have had four leadership contests since 2015 but the media tend to be more deferential.

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  2. The commentators have become so inured to the stilted, scripted readings from the opposition that pass for debates in Holyrood that they cannot evaluate a real debate between people with the common aim of Scottish independence.

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  3. Compared to the Dumfries hustings (which I attended in person) the televised debate felt like a bear pit with the STV bloke poking the candidates with a pointed stick to make them intemperate in their comments.
    Hated it, turned off at the first break.

    In Dumfries all 3 candidates came over very well, all have their strengths and weaknesses and ALL could successfully lead the party which is why there is such a high number of members still undecided.

    Glad the vote is being run under Single Transferable Vote. I wouldn’t know how to vote if it was FPTP

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  4. Thank you all , great to hear some sensible believable comment on the leadership contest , so far we appear to be fed the constant barrage of unionist anger and huffiness on tv and radio and in the newspapers.
    There is no doubt that England are angry that they cannot put down the wish for Scottish independence , they really would like to kill the idea completely but people in Scotland of all ages are waking up to the fact that they have a bunch of idiots running the U.K. government .
    The latest idiocy is Sunak with a sign in his lectern saying “stop the boats” who on earth thought that was a good idea ? it is completely embarrassing , horrid , cruel and lacking in sensible political thought.

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