Tory MSP strangely comfortable in a food bank

Conservative MSP clearly delighted to be in a local Ayr food bank made necessary by her own party’s policies

Today, Sharon Dowey, Conservative List MSP, like a fox in a chicken coop, poses unashamedly in a food bank.

It’s doubly strange, in that the party line these days is that food banks are largely unnecessary because the main cause of food poverty is a lack of cooking and budgetary skills.

Fear not, Dowey will soon be grinning in a home economics class before you can whimper ‘please sir I want some more.’

Leftist sources like the Jacobin and the Tribune are clear:

The last decade of Tory rule in Britain has seen a devastating rise in malnutrition. The impact of poverty and the loss of the welfare safety net have left too many without the means to access a healthy diet.

But seeing foodbanks as the answer to widespread hunger and poverty is not hypocritical or at odds with Cameron’s past actions. Instead, it’s consistent with the ideology that has informed many governmental decisions since the Tories came to power in 2010—an ideology which demands that individuals and voluntary organisations provide a safety net, rather than the state.

Even Rightist rags like the Spectator accept that this is the fault of Sharon and her buddies:

Under David Cameron, the problem manifested itself in food banks, which were also set up under a Labour government but saw an explosion in demand under the coalition. Initially, the Tories tried to pretend that these charitable sources of emergency food help didn’t exist and weren’t a widespread issue. Then they tried to brush them off with references to the Big Society. They even tried to shunt the issue between government departments, none of which wanted to be responsible for something that was becoming politically toxic.



6 thoughts on “Tory MSP strangely comfortable in a food bank

  1. Google the Glasgow Centre for Population Health and read the report “Changing Mortality Rates in Scotland and the UK” This makes clear the culpability of the Tories and Lib Dems on the health and mortality of Scotland and the UK due to ‘austerity’.

    Ms Downey et al are supporters of this.

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  2. To be clear, those who establish food banks, volunteer in their running, and donate food all deserve praise and respect for their efforts. But food banks must not become normalised: they are a blot on our country as they should not be necessary.

    I can’t know the circumstances captured in the above photograph with the Tory MSP but most of those posing with her are smiling. On the face of it, most are apparently happy (at least content) to have her visit, happy to be in her company, happy to provide her with a photo opportunity. Why?

    What did she promise the food bank? What benefit is the food bank hoping in time to obtain from her visit? Or what dis-benefit do they fear if they had told her simply to ‘go away’? Are those in the photo quite content to entertain a Tory MSP – for that Tory MSP’s benefit- or do they have very little agency? Can they be unaware of what Tories do?

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