Latest: SNP funding infrastructure projects far better deal for taxpayer than Labour PFIs

According to the Sunday Herald in 2016, because of Labour’s PFI scheme, the 80 projects completed between 1993 and 2006, will cost us ‘a massive £30 billion over the coming decades.’

Today, the Herald tells us, under one of their thousands of Nicola pics, that we are facing, due to PFS schemes, an ‘astonishing £8.5 billion bill’ for ‘over 50 schemes‘ (2007 to 2022?), to be ‘forked out in the next 26 years.’

Stop sniggering at Martin Williams’ ‘forked out.’

Clearly a precise comparison is not possible here but it does look as if the SNP schemes are a far better deal and that’s if we don’t take into account the risk of walls falling on schoolkids because Brian Wilson’s New Labour thought it was a good idea to exclude local authority building control officers and let the contractors supervise themselves.



2 thoughts on “Latest: SNP funding infrastructure projects far better deal for taxpayer than Labour PFIs

  1. Over 26 years? £8,5Billion? Hardly anything at all. The Herald making it up again.
    Scotland raises £69Billion+ a year,

    Westmibster £13Billion spent a year over 10 years. Nuclear decommissioning.

    £130Billion. Hickley Point & HS2 etc. £Billions. Over time and over funding. With no business case. A total waste of time and monies.
    Trident and redundant weaponry £Billions wasted.

    UK raised £813Billion+ 2019/2020. (Incl Covid borrowing?). Westminster spent £915Billion (incl Covid funding?).

    Westminster spent £270Billion over two years Covid (borrowing?) funding. £370Billion over a lifetime.

    £Billions lost on Brexit. £Billions lost on tax evasion.

    Westminster are borrowing and squandering £Billions of public monies. The Tories and their associates going away with £Billions of public monies to fund the Tory Party. Totally illegally.

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