SNP leader campaign has even more naff photo-faking than Stalin and Mussolini got a century ago

The above attempt to demonise Ash Regan as an Alba insider could not be more pathetically faked. Look at the straight lines between Regan and the two on either side of her. Look at the varying resolution of the images with Regan sharp and the others clearly cut and pasted from older poorer quality shots.

Has Salmond arrived by time machine. Are other two actually outside on a chilly day?

Don’t the young folk have the apps to do this better these days?

The above is actually less good than KGB work in the early 20th Century:

Stalin was known for removing his enemies from pictures, such as the person seen here.

or in Italy shortly after:

Mussolini had the horse handler removed from this picture to make it look more dramatic.

Here’s a thought. How about discussing their policies?


12 thoughts on “SNP leader campaign has even more naff photo-faking than Stalin and Mussolini got a century ago

  1. I suppose in a way they are paying her the compliment that they consider her dangerous enough to have to do something like this. A former colleague of John and I was described during the 2014 debate as “Professor Dottie” along with a less than flattering photo of him (though whether a photograph ever flatters this guy is something to talk about).
    What is noticeable is that the knives are clearly out for Kate Forbes, as well as Ash Regan. OK, the former’s interviews a week ago were own goals of the highest order, but was it really necessary to get the usual suspects out (eg Swinney) to put the boot in afterwards?
    The sole candidate who has not had this treatment – at least not from anyone/ anything connected to the party – is, funnily enough Humza Yousaf. What are they thinking about? While the degree of opprobrium he has had heaped on him during his time in Transport, Justice and Health is manifestly unfair, we are where we are. I dont think its unfair to say that of the three of them he is easily the most ‘shop-soiled’. Do we really have to make it so easy for the Unionist parties if he becomes leader?
    And what does he offer? Well, he’s the continuity candidate so has to defend all that has come before. And of course “regional assemblies” of SNP members (no reference as with the other two, to seeking to unite the Yes movement again). Let’s keep talking but do nothing?
    Lastly, is there any reason why the SNP could not in effect split itself in two, in that as a governing party they have a responsibility to govern well, so anyone involved in that focuses on these responsibilities. BUT, could a campaign unit be set up to argue for and take forward independence? Those involved in that dont even need to be elected members (or not all of them). That kicks into the longest of long grass any reference to “stick to the day job”. Yousaf offers nothing like this, but at least Regan and Forbes seem to recognise that something has to be done.

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    1. I’ve thought similarly myself. Indeed why have no MPs put their names forward to be SNP leader, after all the FM is only the leader of the Scottish Government in Holyrood which only has responsibility for devolved matters. SNP party leader should be concerned with the wider issues, indeed to be the real Party of Independence and advocate ways of advancing that cause. Or is that too much to expect?

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      1. MP’s cannot become MSP’s unless they stand down as an MP. This change to SNP rules was done at the last Holyrood election to stop Joanna Cherry becoming an MSP. It allowed Angus R to get that seat. I am amazed Cherry is still in the SNP.


  2. I’m not clear where this line-up (stitch-up?) was published, or who is being accused of the slight modifications. Please let us know.


  3. “Unattributed”, so could in fact originate from an Ash Reagan supported attempting to discredit her opponents .
    Too bad to be authentic.


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