Lib Dumbs live up their name again, on Europe this time

From SNP Media today:

The SNP has called out the staggering hypocrisy of the Liberal Democrats for turning their backs on Europe while highlighting the issues of recruitment as a direct result of a Brexit they now support.

The Liberal Democrats brought two debates in Parliament today (Wednesday) on NHS dental care and social care – sectors which have been acutely affected by workforce shortages since Scotland was dragged out of the EU against its will.

Gillian Martin MSP said:

“The Liberal Democrats have scored an embarrassing own goal after highlighting two sectors facing workforce crisis because of a Tory Brexit the Lib Dems now support.

“While the NHS and the social care sector face considerable pressures, in no small part due to the pandemic, they also have to face the impact of a Tory Brexit and the repercussions of a decade of Westminster austerity – which the Lib Dems were the handmaidens of.

“From a 23% increase in NHS dentists under the SNP to increasing the minimum hourly rate to those proving adult social care to £10.90 per hour, the SNP government has a positive story to tell on these issues – even against the backdrop of the pandemic and the serious damage of Brexit.

“But only the SNP continue to back Scotland’s membership of the EU and all the benefits that brings. The Liberal Democrats have turned their back on Europe – today’s debates were a timely reminder of why that was such a mistake and why the only way back into the EU for Scotland is with independence.” 

Regulars here may remember:

Don’t they have staff to check things for them?


7 thoughts on “Lib Dumbs live up their name again, on Europe this time

  1. The Lib Dems are facing declining support. They do not have enough MSPs to be recognised as a group. So, they have become wholly ‘oppositionist’ knowing that the unionist media will not challenge their assertions or examine them.


  2. We should not be surprised about the double standards of the Unionist Party’s it has always been the same.
    We just have to read the outcry over the A9 delay Rhoda Grant being very vocal so I think I will send her an email reminding her about Lord Jack.

    1.5 BILLION sent back by Lord McConnell , the last ever Labour FM of Scotland.

    Lets not forget how they all got together to stop money for the A9 going for the tram project in Edinburgh Murd Fraser being one of the worst as for the libs they backed Jack and Cameron so not surprised about them.
    Rant over but I do hate the hypocrisy of them all.

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  3. Nothing this incompetent party
    Does or says amaze me.
    When a leader of that party lies openly on BBC TV DURING INDY REF 1



  4. Should the LibDumbs be protected as an Endangered Species or , like the dinosaur , has their time on this planet come and gone ?


  5. The Trams cost twice as much. Although they gain monies now. The pric3 should be higher.. To recuperate the cost, Edinburgh the wealthiest city in Scotland has subsides transport with public monies. Glasgow has the metro, The NE the AWPR after 40 years. The Borders has the new rail kind, Scotland has the Queensferry Bridge. Magnificent. A great tourist attraction, Edinburgh one of the most visited Cities. Glasgow has the best bus transport link. Amazing. Only Edinburgh people

    can use the bus pass on the Trams. Everybody else has to use the bus (pass) to
    the airport.

    The SNP Scottish Govhad to get the funding for the Trams to get finished. They dug up Princes Street in the botched, misguided Union tram place. Cost twice as much as necessary and ruined business on the route. It took so long exceeded the budget. The Inquiry cost even more. Instead of cutting loses,

    The ConDem Libdems, Facilitated the EU Ref for AV Ref, No one was interested in AV. Low turnout and lost. They wanted to gain mor3 power for themselves. The EU Ref mucked up everyone else. Based on lies and misinformation, EU citizens did not get a vote, Gerymandeting and breaking all electoral rules. Cambridge Analytica. The Tories lying and cheating to line their pockets. Brexit opponents giving illegal donations to Brexit and the Tories. Hedge funds making major to the Tory Brexit funds and Tory Party. To make gains on the stock market. Shor5 selling. Selling shares (falling) buying them back at a lower price. Artificially engineering the fall. Insider dealing and trading. Corruption. Totally illegal. They
    get away with it with imunity.A paltry fine but massive profits, £Billions, Gambling on the election results. The Polling organisations have been censored and fined many times. Pay a small fine for gerrymandering. Make vast

    Airport, Running duel services. More costly? The bus is quicker..
    Everyone paid for the Trams. Taxpayers monies. To have travel restricted.


  6. The Polling companies have been censored and fined many times for breaking electoral rules and Laws. Get away with it with imunity making vast profits. There results are wrong or failure. Failure of analysis. The bookies are more accurate. They make vast profits with better analyses. Especially in narrow margins, Clegg the Tory enabler. Now a face book executive in Europe. Helping Facebook et al evade tax with impunity. Total hypocrites.,

    The Tory ConDems cut NHS funding. Instead of increasing it. 2015 to 2020, Cut Education £6Billion a year, Cut Welfare £18Billion. Austerity killing people. They will achieve oblivion. Their time is running out. The Libdems are total hypocitesl l Totally embrassing. The students remember the betrayal, So does the majority. They will be voted out. Especially in Scotland. Remainers in Europe.

    Revenge served cold. Cold hearted unionists. Ruining the Scottish economy . The Tories gone soon. The time counting down. They will not get away with it. All jumping ship to other places. Admitting defeat and failure. Leaving the economy in a total mess. Brexit and pandemic scandal.

    The mismanaged unionist Tram system. They dug up most of Princes Street. The diabolical mess became a tourist attraction, Visitors were videoing it. Came to see the mess and shambles. Many stayed away orvwent somewhere else. The scheme replaced the pipes and drain connection, under the ground. No need for renovation or leaks for a few years now. Victorian connections. The 1WW. The divine right to rule. Universal suffrage 1928. Spainish flu killed even more than the war. Ruining the world economy and killing millions. The 2WW flight power kill even more. The EU established to stop starvation and war in Europe. 26million Russians died beating off the Nazis. Ukrainian Nazi brigade still involved in power and corruption. In living memory. US/UK politicians making monies out of the munition industry. £Billions in profit.


  7. The Libdem has a sideline. Accommodating a refugee and an Airbnb. Kerrching. Kerrching. Betraying the students for personal,gain.

    The Scottish Gov has to mitigate the cuts. The Scottish Gov budget being cut. Malice and shortsightedness. Scotland must be free to run its own economy as the majority wish. Independence when people vote for it. Soon. People who support Independence need to go out and vote for it every election. To vote out the opposition. .


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