62% increase in NHS dentistry since beginning of 2022

NHS Careers

From Public Health Scotland today:

The number of examinations paid in October 2022 was 239,774; an increase of 7% compared to September 2022 (223,055).

There were 323,896 NHS primary dental claims in October 2022. This represents an increase of 6% from 305,419 in September 2022.


At the beginning of 2022, only around 200 000 were being seen every month.


5 thoughts on “62% increase in NHS dentistry since beginning of 2022

  1. Millionaire dentist posted missing—huge search of BBC studios.

    Last seen handcuffed to two dodgy snake-oil salesmen in Union Jack underwear, who claimed not to be Mormons and were there “to keep an eye on the pesky Jocks”!

    “No, no–I’m not a socialist, and I’m from North Britain” said the strange gruff man.
    “No, but yes, but no–I don’t believe in anything except my own divine ascent to No 10”, said the vacant-faced mannikin.


  2. Off topic, but on the BBC Scotland page there is an article – not the main – that a Councillor has appeared at the Sheriff Court accused of fraud. He is Andrew Polson, former Leader of East Dunbartonshire. The article makes no mention of the fact that he is a Conservative. I wonder why.

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