One rule for SNP fraud another for Conservative fraud?

Thanks to reader, Anonymous, for pointing this out.

On the main page, photographed and with SNP headlined:

and with SNP repeated:

Former SNP MP Natalie McGarry is to appeal her conviction for embezzlement.

The ex-Glasgow East representative is serving a two-year sentence after being found guilty of stealing £19,974 while treasurer of Women For Independence.

She was also convicted of taking £4,661 while treasurer and convener of the SNP’s Glasgow Regional Association.

A judge has now granted permission for the Court of Criminal Appeal to hear arguments that McGarry’s conviction should be quashed.

The appeal will coincide with a separate legal challenge against her two-year prison sentence.

but for Conservative Council Leader Andrew Poulson, no photograph and no party identifier:

and with a delayed Tory accreditation:

A former Scottish council leader has been accused of a £186,500 romance fraud.

East Dunbartonshire councillor Andrew Polson, 50, is alleged to have “induced” a 60-year-old woman into transferring him money to buy two houses.

Prosecutors claim he committed fraud knowing both properties were bought solely in his name.

Mr Polson made no plea at a private hearing at Glasgow Sheriff Court.

He allegedly pretended he was buying a house in Bellshill, Lanarkshire, and another in Bearsden, East Dunbartonshire, with the woman as “joint owner”.

The councillor, who was suspended by the Scottish Conservative party in June, is said to have “induced” her into transferring him money at a bank in Rutherglen, Lanarkshire.

It’s not a one of. See this from February 2021:

Conservative councillor Alan Donnelly (bottom, wee, once) was found guilty of sexual assault in 2019, fined and placed on the sex offenders register.

Alex Salmond (top, big, three times) is not guilty of any offences, of any kind.

Donnelly refused to resign, collected his salary and expenses for two years and has vowed to stand again for election.

There’s an easy headline but not one BBC Scotland would construct for a Tory. Now if they had an SNP politician who had not actually laid hands on anyone, had been accused of no crime, but had messaged a 16 year-old boy?

Salmond resigned and has made no such vow to return.

Donnelly was only suspended by his Party for one year until March 4th 2021.

Standards in journalism?

7 thoughts on “One rule for SNP fraud another for Conservative fraud?

  1. BBC Scotland–propaganda outlet for the British State.
    BBC Scotland–not to be trusted.
    BBC Scotland–news management and planted stories.
    BBC Scotland–Pravda on the Clyde.

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  2. Channel 4 also getting in on the act last night when with widespread strike action looming by the RMT predominantly affecting England ”lets hand over to our correspondent”.. not in London. Newcastle, Liverpool or indeed Manchester as you would naturally expect but where else but Glasgow Central station to get the views of a few bedraggled travellers. Clearly the threat of privatisation is still on the table even after Nadine’s departure (albeit delayed unfortunately).

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    1. The same journalist who had to fly home today because, wait for it, Network Rail is on strike today. Quelled surprise. Oh, and he is Ch4 news correspondent on the environment/ climate change!

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  3. The Tory unionist kill people every day. Everyone knows about it. They will be voted out. Hopefully to oblivion. The Kaw takes various forms. A Domestic abuse act that cannot be dropped or appealed. The Police acting as judge and jury with out diversity training.

    McGarry should have been made to pay the money back and given a suspended sentence as a young mother. The Courts backed up. One of the highest prison numbers in Europe. Overcrowded prisons. £40,000 a year. Endless appeals and legal arguments going on for years at public cost.

    Abused women do not get legal aid. They do in England.


  4. I don’t suppose the appeal will be successful, not when it’s a convenient SNP bad bad bad story.
    Seems a bit strange an appeal to quash the sentence though? Surely that would bring into question culpablity? Two years in the slammer for stealing, even if guilty, (and no excsue for it) £25k is a ridiculous sentence. The corruption and thieving of £billions+ by the EngGov BritNats, from the public purse, is off the scale and out of the so called news. The Tory and even Labour right wing in England, and in Scotland, are basically beyond the law. That’s a very very dangerous situation for a justice system and very serious for civil society to find itself in.

    The ‘media’ are working for the English/British cabal in power in London, even CH4, as has been pointed out in comments, deliberately misleads and propagandises on matters concerning the democratically elected government in Scotland. They are very likley under instruction to do so, or else it’s the chop for you CH4! Journalism is incredibly compromised in the UK (obviously much is coming from outwith the UK) and it’s very sinister, undemocratic and akin to oppressive regimes across the globe.

    Scotland better had escape and soon, not even sure waiting two years to hold any sort of vote on independence is a good idea, the BritNats will do their utmost to totally ruin Scotland, economically and socially, in the meantime.

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    1. As soon as Nadine Dorries started talking about privatising Ch4 news you could detect a change, however subtle, in their output and emphasis on certain stories. Not sure it has gone away now that the threat appears to have receded a bit


  5. Yes indeed and as was observed by another – The decision to post the “Natalie McGarry to appeal embezzlement conviction” story on both the Scotland and Scotland/Politics page was insidious enough, but within two hours a “Sturgeon’s husband gave £100,000 loan to SNP” article was posted directly alongside.
    The old ‘by association’ game beloved of propagandists…


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