Resistance (West) uncover ‘unbiased BBC’ tapes in Kilmarnock’s Dick Institute

A researcher working for Talking-up Scotland on behalf of the Media Resistance (West), has been working undercover at Kilmarnock’s Dick Institute, following up a theory that the library/museum contains a portal to other dimensions, in which a BBC Scotland operates honestly as a public service broadcaster should. Hard to believe, I know but, as quantum physics has now demonstrated, there may be infinite Pacific Quays with at least one as unbiased as the BBC Wales is in our dimension.

Opening the portal and a collection of VHS tapes of BBC Scotland reports from the nearest dimension, is thought to have been the work of now retired librarian at the Dick, Alex (Chic) Hawthorn (above).

Our researcher, Bobbie (17), worked with Hawthorn as a trainee for six months after telling TuS supremo, ProfJWR, of his suspicions that the Dick might be a cover for Philip K Dick, a not-too-subtle clue linking the institute to the writing of the greatest SF writer and his Man in the High Castle novel (now televised) which reveals the presence of portals such as the one in Kilmarnock.

Suggestions that Bobbie was initially held back by a two-week laughing fit after hearing that there was a place called The Dick Institute, are true.

TuS has already released an image from one of the VHS tapes:

More are expected in the next few days and weeks.

BBC Scotland’s chief editor, Zara Schmidt (below), has been asked to comment by Bobbie but he is now too scared to ask again.


9 thoughts on “Resistance (West) uncover ‘unbiased BBC’ tapes in Kilmarnock’s Dick Institute

  1. Slightly off topic but I just watched a Russian based journalist being interviewed on France24 who claimed that there is a definite split between elderly Russians and their younger compatriots over support for Putin’s war in Ukraine.
    The elderly receive their “information” from the Russian state media and as such support attacks on the Ukrainian separatist “Nazis”.
    The young,on the other hand have access to alternative sources and by and large do not support these actions.
    Many parallels between Ukraine and Scotland.
    Let’s hope we get similar international support which we are going
    to need to free us from the grasp of the UK state.
    Thank you John for continuing the fight against state propagandists.


  2. + Corruption. US fraud monies laundered through the system. Usual US irruption furling the flames of cover up. Illegal actions. Do not believe what you read in the MSM. Westminster Gov controlled propaganda, Johnston warlord. Manipulating the system to line their greedy pockets. Enough is never enough for them. Killing people.


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