The most nurses, doctors and beds and the fastest ambulances, yet BBC Scotland report this today:

This is not the news. The BBC Scotland website does not cover it, because there is not enough to bother with.

It’s just another feed for Reporting Scotland from a friend of Pacific Quay, representing a partisan trade union position, based on no actual statistical evidence, to undermine the SNP in government.

Regulars here know this but as always, just in case you’re new here.

He’s not a ‘leading medic’, like someone managing a cutting edge team in a hospital or a researcher in a university medical school, he’s jus the depute convenor of a trade union.

Patient safety? I’m not denying they’re under pressure but in Scotland:

According to the BBC NHS tracker today, the Scottish average wait for an ambulance in week beginning 2 January, was 9 mins 19 sec while in NHS England it was ‘30 minutes or more. It should only take 15 minutes.’



UK people per hospital bed

Scotland has a hospital bed for every 265 people whereas England only has one for every 413. If there are bed shortages in Scotland and the graph below suggests not, then they are nearly twice as bad in England.

Admissions as of the end of October, are less than a third of the peak in April 2022, ICU cases, in single figures, are at less than one-sixth of the peak in November 2021 and, notably, at less than half the rate in England.

So, that’s beds, what about staff?

Astonishingly, NHS Scotland has 50% more nurses than NHS England. Could the Scottish Government have played any part in this?


3 thoughts on “The most nurses, doctors and beds and the fastest ambulances, yet BBC Scotland report this today:

  1. BBCscorchedland’s New Year resolution must be to continue to gaslight their falling audience numbers .
    Their reporters don’t even look like they believe a word that issues from their mouths . Going through the motions – which adequately describes the content of their ”news” .

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  2. people are getting their treatment. They are getting Drs appointments, clinic appointments and operations done. People know these reports are false. There might be a slightly longer wait for manageable conditions. Covid related to keep people alive.

    Westminster and the BBC propaganda are killing people. They cannot count, read a balance sheet. Or analyse statitics. Useless at Maths. Just lie, after lie, after lie. No one believes them anymore. The Tories will not last a year. The absolute mess and shambles. Illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion. Pay the essential workers, The monies are there. They just squander it on wasteful projects of no value.. Brexit another disaster.


  3. I’m not so sure the “friend of Pacific Quay” may even be “misquoted”, HMS James Cook’s propaganda unit are not averse to bending accuracy where it may impinge on a bad SNP headline – They have clearly been instructed to run smoke for NHS England’s increasingly public problems.

    What is notable is not the item itself but the increasing frequency with which they turn up on BBC Scotland news slots these days, an old favourite during Sarah Smith’s tenure.


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