Conservative MP for independent Rutland applauds one breakaway republic but not Scotland

Like you, I too wish Bosnia and Herzegovina all the very best after gaining independence from the oppressive Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

I’m not suggesting for a minute that Scotland’s recent experience of domination by a neighbour compares with the horrors inflicted on Bosnia in recent times but independence from any union has to be a right.

Conservative MP for Rutland and Melton, Alicia Kearns, doesn’t seem to agree:

Adding to the irony, Rutland too has had a struggle for independence:

In 1060 Edward the Confessor bequeathed Rutland to his wife Edith. Rutland is the smallest county in England, approximately 16 miles long by 16 miles wide. From 1974 until 1997, Rutland was part of Leicestershire but is now once again an independent county.,%2C%20boaters%2C%20walkers%20and%20cyclists.

Rutland even had its own TV broadcaster independent of the BBC:


6 thoughts on “Conservative MP for independent Rutland applauds one breakaway republic but not Scotland

  1. Conservatives,in particular,like to think that the UK state is a
    permanent structure which will always exist in it’s present format.
    I can’t think of any European multi-national state whi


  2. Just complained to the BEEB, that on all their output today on radio/TV, about gender recognition, they managed to have not a single Scot who voted the Bill into law. Lots and lots of talking heads from daan saff blustering about keeping us Jocks in our (subordinate) places where “British” law is concerned.

    Scots a danger to “English woman’s public spaces” waffles a Tory on Politics Live.
    Nothing on the various countries with the same gender self-declaration laws in place.
    Are they a threat to England’s fair maidens ? Apparently not.

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  3. Plenty of Tory MP’swill be independent at the next election. That will be They will be celebrated. They will be voted out.


  4. Now that the Gender ID bill has been blocked (apparently by Union Jack) there is now a further procedure to be added to any legislation
    passed in the Holyrood parliament.
    The Scottish Governor General has to approve it before it can become Scottish Law.
    This is effectively the final nail in British Labour’s sham devolution.
    We are back to where we were before the Scottish Parliament was reconvened.
    London rule.

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  5. Glad that one interviewee on C4 News tonight confirmed that the UK already accepts GRCs from countries that operate a self-ID procedure!

    See: HM Courts and Tribunal Service – Guidance: Gender Recognition Certificate: list of approved countries and territories (Updated 21 December 2022)

    ‘If you’ve HAD YOUR GENDER PREVIOUSLY RECOGNISED IN ONE OF THE COUNTRIES OR TERRITORIES IN THIS LIST, you’re on the ‘overseas route’. this means YOU DO NOT NEED TO PROVIDE MEDICAL REPORTS when applying for gender recognition in the UK.

    ‘If the country or territory is not on this list or you do not have a legal document showing your gender recognition, you’re on the ‘main route’ and must provide additional documents to apply.’

    As many countries on this approved list operate a self-ID gender recognition procedure, the implications of the guidance seems clear: it indicates that a gender recognition certificate will be issued by the relevant UK government authority WITHOUT any need for medical evidence IF the applicant is in possession of a GRC from an approved country, EVEN IF that country has issued a GRC based on self-ID.


    So today’s veto looks like an intention selectively to discriminate against trans people normally resident in Scotland when compared to how the UK government presently treats trans people in the UK with self-ID based GRCs issued by certain other (‘foreign’) countries.

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