Mail and Express recommend ‘weakest post-communist health service’

Based entirely on a report from Alex Cole-Hamilton, this story of a Ukrainian refugee ‘fleeing’ NHS Scotland, is one of the daftest for some time time but, sadly, some folk will believe it.

To be fair, BBC Scotland clearly sense that it’s a bit too daft for them but, of course, include the above front pages in their review of today’s newspapers.

We will, no doubt, meet the source and get the real story in the next few days but by then the damage is done.

So, the sad truth about health care in the Ukraine:

In 2018, even before the war:

Ukraine has over 2200 hospitals and over 400,000 hospital beds (5,22 hospitals and 890,7 beds per 100,000
population) in the public sector. In per capita terms, this is more than in EU countries. But the facilities have outdated equipment and very few are able to provide complex care…The Ukrainian system is undoubtedly one of the weakest among post-communist European states. It is characterized by organizational and financial inefficiency,
inadequacy to the population’s health needs and the lack of deeper reform efforts throughout the post-communist
transition period.Ukrainian health care system and its chances for successful transition from Soviet legacies

That was before thousands of Russian missiles did further damage.

In the first 162 days only, 32 city hospitals and 445 other health care facilities, including pharmacies, were attacked over 78 days; 81 medics died and 73 were injured; Kharkiv lost more than half of its pharmacies.

Should Cole-Hamilton make a field-trip to the Donbas?


10 thoughts on “Mail and Express recommend ‘weakest post-communist health service’

  1. It is a sad reflection on the state of the press when a clown like Cole Hamilton gets stories based an the narrative of a single person on the front page.

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  2. Depressing that the unsubstantiated utterances of ACH make the front pages of 2 “Scottish’ newspapers. I wonder why the Guardian article about prostate cancer outcomes worst in Scotland hasn’t yet appeared on the BBC website. It seems to have disappeared from the Guardian as well. Unusual for such statistics not to be weaponised against the SNHS. Wonder if @ProfJWR could shed some light on it?

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  3. The story they are trying to push is that the Scottish Health Service is worse than that of a war torn country like Ukraine.
    Why aren’t they screaming about English patients being transferred to Scotland for treatment?
    Surely if they have patient’s interests at heart,they should be demanding answers from the English health minister.

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  4. The truth of the Ukrainian refugee is likely visiting family and friends with belated christmas presents, checking whether home is still standing, and picking up a copy of medical records to assist with ongoing treatment in Scotland.

    They’ll be horrified to learn how it’s been spun by ACH-him and the media, but I doubt many Scots pay the Herald, Mail or Express any heed these days after years of propaganda.

    Whereas it’s true that much of the Communist structure and bureaucracy remains (here also), Ukraine had invested heavily in new hospitals and modernisation (WAY more than the Tories) and have seen them systematically targeted by the Russians to destabilise the population.


  5. Just spoke with my sister about this.
    She has been sharing a Ukrainian friend’s accommodation with another friend.
    Her response was ‘Where does he keep his brain’?
    Why would a sane person go into a war zone for treatment.
    My sister has visited the Russian held areas for some 10 years, until 3 years ago, she says there has been a collapse of medical facilities there since the two invasions, Crimea first.

    She just laughed when I read out the headlines at how stupid they were.


  6. It was in the Telegraph last night. It is such a sad state of affairs when so called “journalists” are so desperate for any attack on “Sturgeon” / SNP / Scotland that they are prepared to make fools of themselves with a clearly made up story.

    I doubt many normal folk in Scotland believe a word of it.

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  8. 1000 men year die from prostrate cancer. 58,000 die a year on average.

    75% of the men who die are over 75. Average life expectancy for men 76. 81 years for women. On average women live 5 years longer than men worldwide.

    250 men die of prostrate cancer under 75. It is extremely rare to die of prostrate cancer in Scotland.

    The longest life expectancy 85 Japan, 84 Spain and Switzerland. 76 US.


  9. People in Scotland are still getting operations, attending clinics. Lives are being saved in emergencies. A&E etc. People are getting necessary appointments with Doctors. Ailments being seen. They might have to wait a bit longer but are still getting healthcare. Some are having to wait longer, with manageable conditions, to stay alive. Not contact Covid which can kill people with underlying conditions.


  10. European countries have good hospital care but many do not have aftercare. Social care. Many have a good lifestyle. Better healthier food and weather. Outdoor living.


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