41% more patients wait longer in NHS England

According to the BBC NHS checker 41% of NHS England patients waited longer than the target time of 18 weeks for routine treatments in November 2022

In Scotland, based on September 2022 data, the figure was only 29%. 12% (the difference) is coincidently 41% more than 29%.





4 thoughts on “41% more patients wait longer in NHS England

  1. Apologies for going O/T so soon. Rooting around for relations to today’s NHS England data release I came across this:

    Source: The King’s Fund (2 December 2022) The King’s Fund responds to latest ONS comparisons of all-cause mortality between European countries during the pandemic.

    Veena Raleigh, Senior Fellow, The King’s Fund said (with my emphasis):

    ‘These (ONS) figures show that, although all European countries have experienced devastating death tolls from Covid-19, and the impacts varied geographically in terms of timing and magnitude, EXCESS MORTALITY IN THE UK DURING THE PANDEMIC EXCEEDED THAT OF MOST COMPARABLE WESTERN EUROPEAN COUNTRIES.’

    ‘The all-cause mortality rate January 2020–July 2022 compared with the baseline of 2015–19 was 3.1 PER CENT HIGHER IN THE UK COMPARED WITH, FOR EXAMPLE, AN EXCESS OF 1.8 AND 1.3 PER CENT IN SPAIN AND FRANCE RESPECTIVELY.


    ‘The UK also had the highest excess mortality rate compared with the baseline among people under 65 in western European countries such as France, Belgium and Sweden.‘

    (I suspect that the above statistics will be dominated by data for England.)

    And adds: ‘‘The UK’s pre-pandemic life expectancy already compared poorly with comparator countries like France, Italy and Spain, especially for females. This ONS analysis SUGGESTS THE UK IS LIKELY TO FALL EVEN FURTHER DOWN LIFE EXPECTANCY RANKINGS. The UK’s relatively high pandemic mortality, coming on the heels of a pre-pandemic decade of stalling life expectancy, HIGHLIGHTS THE ENORMOUS CHALLENGES THE GOVERNMENT FACES IN turning this ship around. However, action to reduce the growing burden of preventable morbidity and mortality, and widening health inequalities, is LONG OVERDUE and must now be a priority if ministers want to reduce excess mortality and improve life expectancy.’

    I think its fair to say that The King’s Fund is one of the most authoritative think-tanks/research groups on England’s health service.


  2. Can we be sure that the figures really UK-wide. I tend to be distrusting of English based organisations when they state “UK” because often this means “England & Wales”.


  3. And yet the Torygraph’s house Jock was yesterday allowed to go on the BBC’s Politics today and repeatedly claim that NHS issues are considerably worse in Scotland than they are in the rest of the UK. Stated, unopposed or questioned, as a fact by a supposedly neutral observer to FM’s Questions.


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