Average ambulance waits nearly THREE times longer in England

According to the BBC NHS tracker today, the Scottish average wait for an ambulance in week beginning 2 January, was 9 mins 19 sec while in NHS England it was ‘30 minutes or more. It should only take 15 minutes.’





2 thoughts on “Average ambulance waits nearly THREE times longer in England

  1. O/T This must be an exemplar of the polar opposite of the BBC’s practice of bias by omission when it comes to covering Scotland!

    A claim by a nurse in Glasgow about working a 24 hour shift and one anecdote about one Ukrainian in Scotland returning to Ukraine in order to get a GP appointment, both reported by Radio 4 Today’s Nick Robinson this morning in a typically aggressive interview with the SNP’s Stephen Flynn.

    Of course this statement from the FM cuts no ice with Mr Robinson in his mission to misinform Radio 4 listeners about Scotland : ‘”Let me just quote NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde – ‘there is absolutely no truth to these claims. NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde does not ask nursing staff to work a 24-hour shift and there is no prospect that any staffing member would need to work for 24 hours. To suggest otherwise is inaccurate and misleading’.

    It’s so hard to get news, especially positive news, contained in daily press releases from the Scottish Government covered by the BBC.

    But it’s so easy to get unsubstantiated anecdotes of the aberrant on UK-wide news and current affairs programmes at prime time!

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  2. It has been said time and again but remains glaringly true – ”National News ” programmes report the constant poorer performance of the English and Welsh NHS BUT NEVER allow opposition politicians to comment on this situation NOR do they have interviews with the relevant Health Secretaries BLAMING them for the crisis .
    Contrast this with the blatant politicalization of the Health crisis in Scotland . Not a night goes by but that the Scottish Government are targeted by opposition politicians while the Health secretary or FM are linked with every heartbreaking NHS news story .
    One wonders what the headline story will be IF Humza Yousaf resigned his post – who would the media and opposition target ?
    Answer : The next Scottish Health Secretary !

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