Second sub-poll this year has SNP at 50% or more and Scottish Labour lagging far behind UK Labour

People Polling reported, for 21 December 2022, of those selecting a Party, SNP at 55%, Scottish Labour at 24% and UK Labour at 46%.

Today, for January 11 2023, it’s SNP at 50%, Scottish Labour at 22% and UK Labour at 48%.

The Cons? Disappearing up….

Some recovery, Anas.



4 thoughts on “Second sub-poll this year has SNP at 50% or more and Scottish Labour lagging far behind UK Labour

  1. How very DARE you! Froth & dribble!
    This is TREASON, and Rich! Starmer will deal with your sort, when he gets into power.
    When Labour get in, a paradise will open up before our very eyes and all will wallow in an excess of happiness.

    His Excellency Anas of Hutcheson’s, will preside over education and medical matters and align Scotland with the health provisions that exist in wondrous Englandshire–same wages; same per capita staffing; same per capita beds. Ditto police numbers and wages in general.

    Yours in Absentia (as per etc),
    Lard Baron Ffoulksakia,
    Jolly Junkets’R’us,
    Subsidy Freeloaders Landing,
    Chateau Westminster Canteen,
    Square Meals Mile,
    Old England.
    Ruler of All.

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  2. 50% for SNP in spite of the incessant negative propaganda by the Unionist media and the opposition scaremongers !
    The media will need to start reporting on the SNP ”eating their young” to get a boost in the polls for the moribund ‘Scottish’ Labour .

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  3. This is very interesting but not going to happen. Putting all the figs into Electoral Calculus, suggests a Labour majority of 184, but more importantly the Tories reduced to a mere 77 (seventy seven) seats, with various luminaries losing their seats, including Graham Brady, Steve Baker and Dominic Raab. We might not care if they lose, but they will (and do), which is why if young Sunak doesnt turn things around by the next Tory Conference, he is going to be the next ex-PM


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