Rishi alerted as Herald and Lib Dumbs win worst maths in headline award

At a time when the PM wants us all to be doing quadratic equations (no, no idea what they might be) into retirement, the Herald’s anon (nae wonder), fuelled by the Scottish Liberally Dumb Party, trumpets the above headline then this:

There are more than 54 000 teachers in Scotland, 2 000 more than in 2019. 636 vacancies had to be advertised 1 or more times. So?


10 thoughts on “Rishi alerted as Herald and Lib Dumbs win worst maths in headline award

  1. Desperate stuff from the ACH-him support crew, Rennie first deploring “technical education teacher at Alford Academy was re-advertised 11 times and has been vacant since January 2022” before saying SG introduce “incentives to recruit in rural locations”….
    Really ? Alford ?

    But the Darwin Award goes to Wullie for his creation “There seems to be a surplus of teachers in some parts of the country and in some subjects but an acute shortage in others including rural areas and in subjects like maths and technology”

    Dear lord the man is dense…

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  2. Alas, for the Tories “little helpers”, who are sliding into well deserved oblivion.
    No more fun spectacles at election time with Wee Wullie and his sheep– (Cover up the eyes of children).
    No more utter p!shtalk about “federalism”.
    No more Cauld-Ham whining about his Airbn&b frozen rent.
    No more “we wont partner up with the SNP” (but Brit Nat coalitions are just hunky-dory).

    Nope the only Dumbs we will have left are the aging Dumb Peers—oh! and a Mr Carmichael who thought telling lies for Old Blighty was fine.

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  3. Did I hear Rish! claim England’s A&E stats were better than Scotland’s?
    Needs more matchsticks to count with.
    And of course, Laura K never corrected him.
    Or interrupted.
    Wait till Nikla gets on her prog.
    She’ll get a “kickin'” or a “doin'” depending on what Tory thug Laura admires most.

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  4. First Rish! came second to Liz Truss in the Tory race.
    Then he stood against no one without interviews, questions or any policy stances.
    Now he pledges that he will make the sun rise every morning.
    That the tide will ebb and flow.
    That the grass will always be greener where he stands.
    That rich people will be more beautiful than the poor.

    Yup, we get the politicos we deserve, though why Rish! and Shir Keir is something beyond our ken!
    “Why Mummy? Because son—just because”!


  5. Richi needs more maths lessons. Cannot count or read a balance sheet. Gets by on illegal tax evasion. Supported by his unelected wife. The failed banker and failed unionist. Cons going down.

    The ConDems cut Education £6Billion a year from 2015 to 2020. They initiated Brexit. They betrayed the students and Scotland. LibDem Lying hypocrites. Clegg now the head of Facebook tax evading European division. The EU is one the case going after the tax evaders. Westminster supports tax evasion. Thatcher set them up. The Tory supported by Banking industry donations. The deregulation by Westminster Gov (+US) led to the banking crisis. Cut levy/collateral from 25% to 13%. They need a few maths lesson.


  6. Gordon , Gavin ,John , Scott , Bob , you guys are totally magic ,embarrassing these media and government liars shooting down their corrupt propagandist statements time and time again with proven facts.
    Chapeau to you one and all

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  7. LK’s program this morning proved that the Tory Party leadership process is capable of electing five successive leaders where each one proves to be a worse Prime Minister than the previous one.


  8. 636 re advertisements in one year by 32 councils is an average of 2 re advertisements per year per council.

    How many posts does each council advertise during a year? Cauld Ham and the Herod do not give contextual information, just a single big number, so it must be baaaaaad.


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