PM lies directly about A&E Waiting times in England and Scotland

Thanks to reader gavinochiltree for alerting me to this. I cannot watch Kuenssberg.

Fresh from demanding more maths teaching in schools, PM Sunak lies straight-faced on Kuenssberg this morning with wrong stats.

In November 2022, 64.1% of admissions to full (ED) Scottish A&E departments were seen within 4 hours. 4.3% waited more than 12 hours.

In the same period, in full (Type 1) English A&E departments, the figures were 54.4% and 10.2%.

Scotland’s A&E (ED) departments were 18% better on the 4 hour target and, on the 12 hour target, more than twice as good.

Kuenssberg’s reaction – none.

I know what he’ll claim, He’ll offer the English ‘all‘ figure of 68.9% which includes data from the wee Type 2 and Type 3 ‘sticking plaster’ departments in tiny ‘county’ hospitals, with no full A&E, where they hit 96.3%.

BBC News ‘health correspondents’ have tried the same trick in the past.



9 thoughts on “PM lies directly about A&E Waiting times in England and Scotland

  1. Yes, this comment leapt out at me as wrong and something which should be corrected by Scottish Government. Statistics on waiting times are complex so it is possible his advisers have found some permutation to back up what he claimed, but the overall position that the Scottish record is better (less bad) seems crystal clear so what he said is very misleading. Plus of course there was no acknowledgement that funding for the NHS is not in the control of the Scottish Government to anything like the same extent as the control which the UK government can exercise as a currency issuer.

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    1. Humza Yousaf pointed out the error on the Politics Sunday show on the radio this morning, though I see the BBC have chosen not to mention this on their lead website article


  2. “BBC News ‘health correspondents’ have tried the same trick in the past” – Do you perchance refer to the Lazy Winters variance ?

    I’d raise to your attention to these “facts” being fully backed up by a 200% cast-iron guarantee (never understood that one) by such luminaries as Disaster Gulhane and Tsunami Baillie, .
    Sincerely, Turdo.

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  3. As if we needed any more evidence of HMS James Cook leaping to defend the latest Prime Charlatan, the BBC Scotland launch this BMA piece on both the Scotland and Scotland/Politics web-pages
    Such pathetic grovelling for a gong even by James Cook’s low standards…


  4. politicians do not need to have higher Maths or English. Many are unelected psychopaths with a tax evading partner. Male, middle class, wealthy and totally out of touch, Milking the system for as much as they can get. Unelected by the majority,


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