BBC Northern Ireland hides level of violence against women

Regulars will be all-too-familiar with BBC Scotland’s long love affair with Scotland’s drug deaths tally:

In 2019: Scotland has highest drug death rate in EU

In 2021: Drug deaths in Scotland reach new record level

In July 2022, as they begin to fall: However, Scotland continues to have by far the highest drug death rate recorded by any country in Europe.

Often, these data would be used by opposition parties to accuse the SNP of betrayal and be platformed prominently in the BBC Scotland reports.

Sky News today tells us: Northern Ireland has the joint highest female homicide rate in Europe.

Factcheck NI disputed this this but still have NI in second place, twice the UK level, in this league of infamy based on 2017 data:

Source: Eurostat; black-coloured bars: WEOG “Western European” countries:

BBC Northern Ireland has never reported this.

On the related matter of domestic abuse, Northern Ireland has a much higher level than in other parts of the UK, 1 incident for every 57 people compared to to 1 in 65 for England & Wales and 1 in 84 in Scotland.

The only 3 BBC Northern Ireland reports specifically about this, which I could find, make no comparisons with other nations.

Other sources:

One thought on “BBC Northern Ireland hides level of violence against women

  1. A Domestic Abuse Law that cannot be dropped or appealed. The Police are now acting as judge and jury. Charging abused people. No diversity and no legal training.

    Women do not have equal rights. The majority who co habit. They do not have equal rights and cannot get legal aid. Women have to stay in abusive, unsafe places to keep a roof over their heads. .Legal action can take years and cost £thousands. The Courts are backed up. Rental agencies illegally demand 6 month’s rent and deposit upfront from women with financial means and top credit ratings, Many women do not have these means. Women and children hav3 to stay in unsafe, abusive places to keep a roof over their heads and the abusers know it, psychological abuse as well as physical. It women had equal rights and legal aid they could get away. Sisters could be doing it for themselves.

    The Churches in NI uphold abuse against women, Not equality. Misogynist, racist and bigoted. no so secret societies. Churches have rights above the Law. The equal opportunities and employment Laws. NI does not uphold the Law. A Law unto itself for Tory support at Westminster. Illegal bungs to break the Law. Supported by Westminster. The majority of women do not have equal rights.


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