4 YouGov polls in a row confirm Scottish Labour getting nowhere and SNP vote resilient


With so few full Scottish polls, a sequence of sub-polls by the same pollster is our only way of reasonably assessing the notion of Labour recovery in Scotland, of the kind much hoped-for in the MSM here and in England.

YouGov has done 4 polls since early December 2022 – 7th, 14th, 20th December 2022 and 4th January 2023 – and they tell a remarkably consistent story suggesting they know how to sample and that things are pretty much as they seem in their data:

  • UK Con: 24, 23, 24, 25
  • UK Labour: 48, 48, 48, 46
  • UK Lib Dem: 9, 8, 9, 9
  • Scot Con: 12, 12, 12, 14
  • Scot Lab: 29, 27, 32, 27
  • Scot Lib Dem: 6, 7, 3, 7
  • SNP: 43, 46, 43, 43
  • Scot Green: 4, 0, 4, 4

Could this be more clear? The SNP support is solid in the mid 40s. The pro-independence support is solid in the upper 40s. The Scottish Labour support has essentially just picked up those abandoning the Cons and, crucially, remains stubbornly barely above half that of UK Labour.


6 thoughts on “4 YouGov polls in a row confirm Scottish Labour getting nowhere and SNP vote resilient

  1. NO, NO!
    Watch the “neutral” BEEB. Read the “impartial” press.

    Scotto labour are NEARLY there! Biting the SNP’s bum! Only 25% back.
    And the Tories!!!!!
    The Scotto Tories are making a COMEBACK!

    “We are the DRossie-men, happy girls and boys,
    We lie and cheat, motivated by greed.
    If’n you fa’ doon said Ruthie— hey you, ahoy!
    ye’ll get a kickin’ in the heid!”!

    And the Dumbs!
    The Dumbs are KINGMAKERS!

    Wow! Nikla might as well just quit (as the mejah have been alligatoring for several years now) now and retire to Portugal with her—
    A.-Secret wife.
    B.-Real husband.
    C.-Hippy menage a trois.
    D.-Hidden space alien lizards who secretly rule the world with masks on (hence the anti-maskers).

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  2. And the media standards advert with the voice of judi dench had the audacity to say they check every advert for truth what a load of crap Scotland is bombarded with lies on tv radio and all its newspapers this site shows the proof week in week out

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  3. England’s Labour party playing politics in Scotland have been exposed for what they are, English establishment operatives. I wonder which ones and their Tory besties operating in Scotland, will end up in the HOL’s, it’s their ultimate dream, if they play their cards right.

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  4. Titter ye may…
    GMS has the biggest and bestist by way of impartialist and balancist news broadcasting standards across the length and breadth of Pacific Quay, just ask Kaye Adams… 🙄

    Cindy Yu is a China reporter and Broadcasting Editor for the Spectator, that bast*** of democracy in the the English media…
    There’s that famed HMS James Cookie balanced reporting again….
    There will be a non-existent email read out shortly…

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  5. The Tories at 4%. SNP at 50%. Labour 30%. The SNP will walk it. If people get out and vote at every election. Vote SNP/Indy etc. At every election. A higher turnout. Use it or lose it. The power is in the people’s hands. Get out and vote. Or stop complaining.


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