No reports of mass self-medicating with 27% more GPs

The North Briton, above, typically using UK data to stir up anxiety in Scotland

There were 3,494 GP Whole Time Equivalents (WTE) in Scotland in 2022. The equivalent figure for NHS England was 27,392.

Per head of population, all things being equal with England you might have expected 2 739 GPs in Scotland (1 tenth) but there were 3 494, 27.5% more.

Try searching for ‘Scotland self-medicating‘. You’ll find one report. Yes, you guessed, the same Scotsman one.

What has Alex Cole-Hamilton, leader of Scotland’s teeny, shrinking 5th column, to say?

GP appointments have become almost extinct.’

That’ll be in Hertfordshire then? Where he’s from. More on this oh so predictable notion coming.


I’ve used the Whole Time Equivalents rather than the headcount as the latter conceals the level of part-time working.



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